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Bundle Of Two: A Brief History Of Science in India + Vedic Science & Technology

Bundle Of Two: A Brief History Of Science in India + Vedic Science & Technology

by   Dr. M.R. Goyal (Author),   Sabareesh P.A. (Author)  
by   Dr. M.R. Goyal (Author),   Sabareesh P.A. (Author)   (show less)
5.0 Ratings & 2 Reviews
Sold By:   Garuda Prakashan

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ISBN 13 9781942426448
Book Language English
Binding Paperback
Publishers Garuda Prakashan  
Category History of Ancient India   Non-Fiction   Indian History   Hinduism   History of Civilization & Culture   Science & Technology  
Weight 650.00 g
Dimension 27.00 x 14.00 x 6.00

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5.0 Star

5.0 Ratings & 2 Reviews
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Much needed compilation

Compilation of ancient Hindu/Bharatiya knowledge system and systematic review of the same is much needed. Thanks to both the writers for doing a wonderful job.
Review by - MANISH MAHAPATRA, April 29, 2022


Question answer
Review by - Rimpi Buragohoin, October 08, 2022
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In post-independence India, science and technology has remained anchored to terms like ‘scientific temper’, logical and rational thought pitted against ‘superstition’ and ‘illogical’ social mores. Science is still considered a byproduct of Western civilization’s industrial development. This requires a thorough examination on merits. A Brief History of Science in India by Sabareesh.P.A answers countless questions on Bharat’s contribution and glorious achievements in science and technology, through time immemorial. Besides, it also emphasizes how science and society could co-exist in harmony.

Following an in-depth study of the ancient Sanskrit texts from a scientific point of view, the book highlights the fact that science and technology in ancient India was much more advanced than the present-day science and technology in several fields. It advocates the case that further research based upon the knowledge available in these texts and scriptures can lead to a quantum jump in the advancement of modern science and may open more vistas for research.