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5.0 Ratings & 7 Reviews
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Introducing The Garuda Club. When you become a "Garuda Club member" you'll take part in the revolution and receive our top books delivered directly to you. Every month we'll mail the best book we have read from Garuda delivered for free - 12 books per year as part of membership, at a cost you can't find anywhere else

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5.0 Star

5.0 Ratings & 7 Reviews
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A wonderful reading Experience

I took Garuda Club membership in march,2021 since then it has been a wonderful reading experience. I am really enjoying my club membership and I would like to renew this for years to come.
Review by - Kumar Bibhuti, September 20, 2021

Membership worth it

Enjoying reading the books sent. The best thing about the membership is that you can get the book of your choice. However, one suggestion, since Garuda displays and promotes books of other publishers, also allow the members to choose books from that category also. Overall all books that I have read so far, I have enjoyed. Definitely continuing with the membership in the next cycle.
Review by - Kapil Bhatia, October 21, 2021


Superb, outstanding, fabulous,I have never seen this type of book in my life
Review by - Anil Kumar nayak, December 11, 2021

Saraswati civilization and the Quantum Book of Soma

I differ on the point with the author, about the totem on the heads of the female figurines signifying the amanita mushrooms. For the following reasons. 1. Specifically female figurines are depicted with these totems, seem like efflorescence with ovules, symbol of fertility, rather psychedelic induced altered consciousness. See figurine of Aphrodite of Ephesus. 2. Chhatri in Indian iconography comes from kshetra and kshetri. It's a royal and spiritual symbol, the umbrella. See Ahichhetra or the snakehood, eg. Shesha, Mucalinda or even the Nagas over the Jain Tirthankars, ties very well to Kundalini. In my opinion, magic mushrooms are a dead end and in my experience soma, is very much endogenous. 4. Also as far as origins go, I think the Indus Valley Civilization people had very close ties with the Sumerians. I am open to collaboration with G D Bakshi, and urge the publication Garuda Prakashan to convey this to him at the earliest.
Review by - Ishani Chheda, January 08, 2022

Very interesting concept....

I would automatically recieve new books without having to keep track.
Review by - Parvinder Singh, June 29, 2022


The analysis of Mr Bharat Thakker in his masterpiece Mahabharat present a sharp analytical and rational insight. A first hand analysis of events unfolding in this epic are relevant and useful for strategic planning and comprehension of human traits. His compilations and conclusions appeal and strengthen established views of theories of management, a point of view which is new, incisive and comprehensible. An interesting reading for all.
Review by - SN Pandey, April 11, 2023

Stylesh kulu

Nice job
Review by - Aryanb, January 05, 2024
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Product Details

In the last few years, Garuda has been challenging the mainstream narrative with books like Aurangzeb, saffron sword, Delhi Riots 2020, Unbreaking India etc. has been showered with love by our readers. There are a lot of forces targeting India and the Indic civilization, distorting our traditions, seeking to "dismantle" us. It is challenging for a small publishing house, one which takes on the mighty players, to succeed. And it would not be possible without passionate supporters like you.

As a "Garuda Club member" you'll be part of the change and get our best books directly shipped to you. Every month we will send our best book from Garuda, shipped free—12 books every year as a part of the membership, for a price you won't get anywhere.

Upcoming books from some of the great authors like Prof Madhu Kishwar, Shantanu Gupta, Padma Shri Prof H C Verma and a unique version of the Bhagavad Gita are slated to be released in the next year.

We are offering you a fantastic deal as a welcome gift. Our international author "Francois Gautier", who is creating a bridge with Indian Culture and civilization, brings a unique offering. Francois is building a museum of (real) Indian History in Pune ( His book on "Aurangzeb" reproduces original court documents from Aurangzeb's court, documenting the actions he took in demolishing temples and forcibly converting Hindus. This book includes the color paintings from the museum. It is costly to print and retails for Rs. 1,200/- but you will get this FREE as part of your Garuda Club Membership, as your first book with a new subscription.

Join us to "contribute to changing the narrative, and help decolonize our understanding". Be part of building the next-generation ecosystem to support Atmanirbhar Bharat and build a New India. And get the finest books delivered to you that tell me civilization story!