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Garuda Club T&C

Terms & Condition (T&C):
These terms & conditions are between The Garuda Club Member and Garuda Prakashan Private Limited.

The Garuda Club Membership
Offerings: Garuda Prakashan will send one editor’s choice book every month to the Garuda Club
members. Every member will receive an email regarding the book to be dispatched 10 days before the
dispatch takes place. If a member wants to replace the given book, he has to reply on the same email
within 5 days of receiving the email. Replacement of the book can be done from the given alternatives in
the same email.
Garuda Club members will get books of at least ₹ 5000 retail value over the period of one year.
Garuda Club member will get free shipping facility for all their future orders on

Term of Membership - The membership is offered for 12 months duration

Membership Fee -
The annual fee of The Garuda Club membership is ₹ 2999/- which is non-refundable.

Membership Activation -
The Garuda Club Membership will be activated on the successful completion of payment of membership

Shipping -
Books will be shipped to the shipping addresses based in India only.

Contact us: [email protected]