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"A civilization which ceases to tell its stories will cease to exist.Sankrant Sanu (Founder and CEO, Garuda Prakashan)

Garuda has a simple mission. To create a platform where stories that bring forth the perspective and narrative of the Indian civilization can be told. For decades, nay centuries, we have been unable to speak of and advance our own narrative. We have been told our stories are not politically correct. We have been subjects to an outsider's gaze, those of our colonizers, in how we speak of ourselves. We have been told our languages, our civilization is "Backward" and it must be discarded to make "Progress".

These narratives are false. The world needs Indic wisdom, its structures and philosophy of pluralism, its sciences of the mind and body, it's understanding of liberation, its darshan of peace and happiness of all and in all spheres, more than ever before. But to share that wisdom, we must decolonize our own minds, find our own voices and gaze, write our own history rather than regurgitate theories imposed on us from colonizers, and forge a new path which rooted in our own civilization. This is the Garuda project.

We do not have many resources, but we have many blessings. Garuda flies on the wings of blessings. Come and be part of this journey, it is our journey. And bless us to succeed.

"If not we then who? If not now then when? We are duty-bound to take each of our steps in a direction that leads to Dharma." Ankur Pathak, (Co-Founder and COO, Garuda Prakashan)

Garuda Founders

Our commitment— and the determination to stick to it — comes from our Founders, Sankrant Sanu and co-founder, Ankur Pathak.


Sankrant Sanu entrepreneur, author and IITian left a lucrative IT career, with top positions at Microsoft and other companies to focus on dharma and sadhana. He is passionate about Indic traditions and is the author of the best-selling book "The English Medium Myth", which is also available in Hindi and MarathiSankrant Sanu, who is the Founder and Managing Director of the Garuda Prakashan is well-grounded in the Bharatan traditions with a daily spiritual practice of yoga, Kriya and Dhyana. He is the author of the mesmerizing work titled “The English Medium Myth: Dismantling barriers to India's growth”. He is a graduate of IIT Kanpur and the University of Texas at Austin. He spent nine years at Microsoft Corporation in various engineering and management roles. When he left Microsoft, Sankrant had overall charge of development for Microsoft Share Point Portal Server, a project that he helped conceive of and start at the company.



Ankur Pathak is a co-founder and COO of the Garuda Prakashan, is a young lexicographer, author and entrepreneur with a vision to fill the gaps in the society by providing some innovative solutions. He has authored “Vocab Mad Easy (Vol-1 & Vol-2) series”, a one of its kind set of two books for which he has received widespread acclaims from the Indian intellectuals. He has successfully delivered several expert lectures on vocabulary enhancement at various top-notch institutes including IIT Kanpur, IIT Patna, and IIT Bombay. He is a seeker of Adhyatama and the practitioner of Pranayama and Dhyana. He has two huge volumes of "Vocab Mad Easy", a book that uses mnemonics to help non-English students to learn thousands of English words in a short span of time. 


Garuda in the Media

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Full page story in today's BUSINESS STANDARD on my publisher Garuda Prakashan — Manoshi Sinha Rawal author of Saffron Swords

Sankrant Sanu with Ramdev at the book of  

Blessings of our society leaders and elders matter to us. Here are a few of those precious moments.





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How you can help Garuda

At Garuda, we take pride in being a “pro-reader” organization. 

We look up to you for your ideas, interests, collaborations, subscriptions, donations, proposals and any which way you want to help us. 

You can get in touch with us through these links: (email: [email protected]), Phone no: 7565800228

Garuda Udaan

It was in 2017 that Garuda Prakashan started out with a very basic question that nobody dared to ask out loud in 70 years of independence — why are there no books available in Hindi and other languages for higher education in the country?

Garuda Prakashan has a project "Garuda Udaan", which envisages coming up with books in the field of medical, engineering and technical subjects for the higher education students in Hindi and other Indian languages.

In every university or other centers of higher learning, this is a constant question faced by students, who come from the "non-English" background. But there were no answers. Looking for quality books in these languages for subjects like engineering, medical, science and technology is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Huge financial support is required for this project, for which Garuda Prakashan looks forward to supporting from its patrons.

Garuda Delivery

Therefore, employing the best technologies available in the world, Garuda Prakashan, through its online portal — — has changed the dynamics of the delivery of books. It has international shipping facilities with most books being delivered within three days.