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Swara Yoga : The Tantric Science Of Brain Breathing

Swara Yoga : The Tantric Science Of Brain Breathing

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The physical act of breathing is said to have a very subtle influence on the level of consciousness, and therefore the effects of Swara Yoga are also very subtle. It aims at directly awakening the highest human potential. In other systems a similar understanding of the swara, the breath is also expressed. For example, in Taoism it states that, "if one meditates upon the breath, the cosmic deities or forces can be seen operating the physical body. By sustaining oneself purely on the breath, rather than on coarse food, one's entire being will be purified and strengthened. Then the consciousness is able to ascend to the heavens where eternal life is experienced by the body and soul."

Swara Yoga not only helps those who believe in a supreme reality, but also those who do not have faith and who will also be surprised to discover many truths pertaining to this reality. Swara Yoga is a path which leads to total experience and awakening of the entire being.

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ISBN 10 8185787360
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Book Language English
Binding Paperback
Publishing Date 1999-01-01
ASIN 8185787360
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Edition 13th
Release Date 1999-01-01
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