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by   Anjali Talcherkar (Author)  
by   Anjali Talcherkar (Author)   (show less)
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Anjali Talcherkar hit rock bottom. Addicted to drugs and alcohol, she got the shock of her life when her partner died of a drug overdose.

Yoga of Rehab is her brave story of climbing out from the dark abyss of addiction. The path of yoga, meditation and SKY (Sudarshan Kriya Yoga) helped her recover. In the process of her learning & emergence she also obtained a Doctorate in Integrative Medicine so she could back her experiences with scientific research.

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ISBN 13 9781942426547
Book Language English
Binding Hardcover
Publishing Year 2021
Total Pages 172
Publishers Garuda Prakashan  
Category Ayurveda and Yoga   Non-Fiction   Personal Development & Self-Help   Mind, Body & Spirit  
Weight 250.00 g
Dimension 14.00 x 2.00 x 22.00

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Preface I invite you to plant new thoughts in your mind, to forge a new way of thinking. By recognizing that there is a deeper understanding beyond the surface, you unveil the distorted illusion of the ego-driven mind. When we cling to the ego’s deceptive tricks, we become a pawn of the “egoic puppet master.” Living at the level of ego is merely existing. Living from the level of pure consciousness is being. Only by accessing pure consciousness do we find eternal bliss. This book gives you the tools to reach that blissful state, free from addictions. In times of stress, coping mechanisms, such as abusing addictive substances, become tempting. But such relief is false and futile and it triggers an endless addictive cycle. If we search for answers solely on the surface level, nothing will come of our efforts; transcending addiction requires us to search deeper. In thoroughly working the twelve sutras, we undergo a complete psychological and spiritual transformation. This change is necessary for us to move beyond the material mind a state of pure consciousness. We can only do this in the present moment. To live fully in the present moment, we must calm the mind, which is churning with unnecessary thoughts. We need to evict those loitering thoughts and supplant them with new thoughts, something that can be achieved through twelve-sutra work and meditation. These new thoughts may grow into belief. If you act on belief with persistence, it will become habit. These habitual thoughts turn into your character and your awakening to pure consciousness proceeds steadily. This becomes the invitation to progress further. When thinking expands, being contracts and vice versa. Have you ever observed dancers? They are engrossed in the performance and the rhythm of the music. The activity is occurring in their bodies, not in their minds. People are inspired by the art of dance because dancers are instruments of embodied expression. They are fully in t
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