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Myths of composite culture and equality of religions

by   Harsh Narain (Author)  
by   Harsh Narain (Author)   (show less)
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During the early phases of modern Indian renaissance, it was the Vedic-Upanisadic phase of Indian culture which was accorded the pride of place in describing and evaluating Indian culture.

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ISBN 13 978-8185990453
Book Language English
Binding Paperback
Publishers Voice of India  
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Later, it came to be rivaled by what the atheists and the materialists, the agnostics and the rationalists, and the humanists and the modernists combined to call anti-Vedic-Upanisadic culture fathered by Carvaka and the Buddha. Lastly, during the struggle for India's independence through non-cooperation and civil disobedience against the British, coupled with pandering to the so-called minorities' freaks of fancy culminating first in the Khilafat movement and then in the vivisection of this country, a veritable communalization of Indian politics set in, camouflaged as 'secularism' ,leading to an exaggerated fancy on the secularists' part for India's Muslim past and thereby for the so-called composite, Hindu-Muslim culture.