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Love Jihad or Predatory Dawah?: Shocking Ground Stories of Conversion

Love Jihad or Predatory Dawah?: Shocking Ground Stories of Conversion

by   Monika Arora (Author),   Sonali Chitalkar (Author),   & 2 More
by   Monika Arora (Author),   Sonali Chitalkar (Author),   Shruti Mishra (Author),   Monicca Agarwaal (Author)   (show less)
5.0 Ratings & 4 Reviews
Sold By:   Garuda Prakashan

Short Description

Due to the rhetoric and aggressive discourse building on 'Love-Jihad' done by comprador media and embedded agencies of the international Left, genuine tragedy and loss faced by victims has been denied.

This book lays bare the agony of victims and families who have been targeted by predatory Dawah-A larger and more fundamental push for conversion by many means.

This includes targeted weaponisation of love, sexual predation, economic exploitation, compulsion to fight religious wars (Jihad) etc.

Unless society and law recognize the sufferings of these victims, justice for these women is a far cry. This book is an important reading for parents and youth as well as a call for recognition for the severe gender injustice committed against the documented individuals.

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ISBN 13 9781942426639
Book Language English
Binding Paperback
Publishing Year 2021
Total Pages 236
Publishers Garuda Prakashan  
Category Non-Fiction   Political Parties  
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5.0 Ratings & 4 Reviews
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Waiting for hindi edition
Review by - Ajay, September 27, 2021

Hindi edition

Please bring hindi edition as it can able readers to spread message to large number of people especially girls Eagerly waiting for hindi edition
Review by - HARSHIT Singh, March 14, 2022

Eye opening book showing the mirror to seculars and telling truth about islamic Jihad.

Eye opening book showing the mirror to seculars and telling truth about islamic Jihad.
Review by - Bharat mathur , October 07, 2022

Islamic jihad

Eye opening book, Reality about Islamic jihad.
Review by - Bharat mathur , May 13, 2023
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This Item: Love Jihad or Predatory Dawah?: Shocking Ground Stories of Conversion


Sold by: Garuda Prakashan

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This Item: Love Jihad or Predatory Dawah?: Shocking Ground Stories of Conversion

Sold By: Garuda Prakashan


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1. Interfaith Marriages and Provisions of Law in India

2. Nikita Tomar:

A Case of Murder of a Hindu Woman for Refusal to Convert to Islam

3. Tara Shahdeo

A Tragic Tale of Falsification of Identity, Subsequent Marriage and Conversion to Islam

4. Lalita (Name Changed):

A Case of Weaponisation of Love

5. Meenu (Name Changed):

A Case of Religious Falsehood, Relentless Pursuit, Sexual Exploitation and Abandonment

6. Saumya:

A Case of Conversion and Weaponisation of Love

7. Neha (Name Changed):

A Case of Being Lured into a Relationship under False Pretenses, a Tale of Horror and Brutality.

8. Aiswarya:

A Story of Sexual Exploitation, Gang Pursuit and Suicide

9. Kavita (Name Changed):

A Case of Identity Concealment and Exploitation

10. Priya Sharma (Name Changed)

Relentless Pursuit, Marriage and Rape in Faraway lands: A Story of an Orphan and Her Ordeal

11. Christina Maria (Name Changed)

Relentless Pursuit, Rape and Exploitation of a Christian girl

12. Sruthi

Story of Sruthi Psychological Manipulation and Conversion to Islam

13. Rajni:

A Case of Concealed Identity, Forced Conversion to Islam and Betrayal of a Hindu Woman


On 27 October, 2020, Nikita Tomar, returning from her final year examination was brutally murdered in broad daylight at Ballabhgarh, Haryana. A bright star of her family, she faced no restrictions at home. Her family supported her every attempt to fly high. Yet her wings were clipped, and she was murdered.

A number of questions arose in our minds. The whys and whats were answered when the Group of Intellectuals and Academicians (GIA) made a fact-finding visit to the victim’s house. This fact finding also led to more such cases coming to our notice. The GIA met and spoke to many women who had stories of grooming, pursuit and conversion to tell. What we unearthed were sordid tales of physical and sexual exploitation in which religious motivation played a significant role.

The Group of Intellectuals and Academicians (GIA) is a group of women dedicated to the pursuit of research- based evidence and intervention on key social and political issues. Based in New Delhi, the group comprises professionals from different disciplines—teachers, lawyers, media persons and entrepreneurs.

GIA undertook a project to meet, interview and document cases that fall within the spectrum of inter- religious relationships. This is a compilation of such cases.

Grooming, Love bombing and Love Jihad are issues that must concern all communities, and the Hindus- Sikhs-Muslims-Christians need to converge to agree that radical religious pursuit of any woman is not permissible when the facade of ‘love’ is used as a pretext for conversion. This is pure savagery against women.

During this journey, we realized that not only are the women victimised in inter-faith relationships, marginalized by law enforcement and society but their bodies are also political booty. Their own stories get lost in the political din raised around choice in relationships. Very often vested media has tried to falsify these experiences through deceit and subterfuge.

The research and data compiling for this project was undertaken by Monika Arora, Sonali Chitalkar, Monicca Agarwaal, Shruti Mishra, Vijeta Aggarwal and Ambika. We are thankful to Shresth Tiwari for his research inputs into this project. Akash Vajpayee has also contributed to the writing of this book. Special thanks to Dr. Pratibha Singh for her contribution towards this project.