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by   Saroj Bala (Author)  
by   Saroj Bala (Author)   (show less)
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This book is a narration of important events of Mahabharat war with exact dates. It is backed by scientific evidence entailing five years of intense research. Sky simulations of sequential astronomical references, using Planetarium and Stellarium software, spanning a period of 52 years prove that the war was fought in the year 3139 BCE.

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ISBN 13 9781942426424
Book Language English
Binding Hardcover
Release Year 2021
Publishers Garuda Prakashan  
Category Indian History   Indian Writing   Astronomy   Research  
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Dimension 14.00 x 2.00 x 22.00

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5.0 Ratings & 1 Reviews
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"Mahabharat Retold with Scientific Evidence" presents to its readers, the conclusions of an authentic and original research work spanning several years by its author Dr. Saroj Bala , to establish the historicity of the Indian Epic Period in general and that of the Mahabharata and the Bhagavadgita in particular. The author's research methodology is based on multidisciplinary approach to arrive at the truth of the historical and cultural aspects of the Indian Epic period. The major evidence is based on the astronomical events like lunar and solar eclipses and planetary positions described at the time of major events narrated in the Mahabharata . The British historians and archeologists who helped shape the narration of ancient Indian history, did not delve deep into these evidences available in the texts themselves, perhaps, owing to their understanding the the two great Epics, the Ramayana and the Mahabharat as mere stories and not a contemporaneous narration of their times by Valmiki and Vedavyas respectively. That is why they remained confined to dating of archeological and linguistic evidences. This book, on the other hand, and like the earlier publications by the same author to establish the historicity of Vedas and the Ramayana, is based on evidences available in seven disciplines of knowledge which are found to converge to establish that the Great War of Mahabharat was actually fought in 3139 BCE, that the profound philosophy contained in Bhagvadgita was actually handed down by Krishna to Arjun on Shuklpaksha Ekadashi of the Margshirsh month that year. Such historical dating has been made possible by NASA's Planetarium and Stellarium softwares which allowed one to get sky simulations of a period upto 25920 years ago. The author's intense research has shown exact planetary position as referred in the verses of the Mahabharat on actual historical dates, which are also available in an exact chronological sequence as depicted in the Mahabharat. Besides the astronomical evidence, the author has painstakingly corroborated archeological, biological, Oceanographical evidence, and GPS plotting results to establish that Mahabharat was a historical event. The conclusions drawn in this book will also compel historians to have a relook at their theories about the Harappan Civilisation, which should be seen as an extension of the Vedic Civilisation in the light of the evidence presented in this book. The author has also correlated the conclusions drawn in this book with the Indian concept of the Chaturyuga Cycle and has concluded that the present Kali era started on the 19th February 3102 BCE. The author has been successful in putting across her views with scientific evidence and logical arguments which would appeal to any reader possessing a scientific temper. This is a book which would give solace to the people who believe that Lord Krishna was a historical personality on the one hand and will generate great curiosity among the scholars of ancient Indian history and culture. The printing is very reader friendly and the price is reasonable. - Dr. Binod Sinha 27th February, 2022
Review by - Binod Sinha, February 27, 2022
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This book will compel the reader to look at the evidence and re-calibrate his understanding of ancient India. Specifically, if Mahabharat war was fought in 3139 BCE, are we not supposed to conclude that the Harappan Civilisation was actually the Vedic civilisation of Mahabharat era? The reader will be enthralled to look at the evidence of the Kali Era conjunction in the morning of 19th February 3102 BCE, heralding the beginning of Kaliyuga.

Besides astronomy, the book puts forth evidence from seven disciplines of science. It proves the profound philosophy of Bhagavad Gita was actually passed on to the world on Shukla Ekadashi of Margashirsha Month in 3139 BCE. Most of the excavated sites, having carbon dates of samples and artefacts around 3000 BCE and associated with Harappan civilisation, were actually located within the territories of kingdoms which participated in Mahabharat war. Also, this book takes note of different claims made by esteemed scholars on the date of Mahabharat war, and establishes that the war took place in the year 3139 BCE, adding to the healthy discourse on the timing of Mahabharat war.

The research for this book entailed detailed reading and interpretation of Mahabharat by Sanskrit scholars; getting exact sky-views through the software, calculating and adjusting for the changes in astronomical situations down thousands of years and re-visiting the findings to make them error-free.