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[English] Contribute to Distribute the Book Delhi Riots 2020

 by    Monika Arora    Sonali Chitalkar    Prerna Malhotra   
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Colleges today face a lot of propaganda from #UrbanNaxal ideologies. Delhi Riots 2020 is an eye-opener regarding the role of these in violence in the country. However, students are often not able to afford to buy books. You can contribute a pack of these books to the institution of your choice or to your alma mater or general distribution to individuals who request it. Garuda will arrange for distribution of the books for free or at a nominal rate to students or those who cannot afford to buy the books. [FOR SHIPPING WITHIN INDIA ONLY] Please select number of copies BEFORE clicking on PRE-ORDER button

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The book ‘Delhi Riots 2020: The Untold Story’ is published from ground research material on the Delhi Riots that occurred in February 2020. This material was collected by the authors and their team during their many visits to the riot-affected areas of North East Delhi. The research team met both Hindu and Muslim victims of the violence and religious leaders of both communities who attempted to de- escalate the situation. The book contains eight chapters which narrate the fact and evidence-based story of the dharna-to-danga model, planned and executed by Urban Naxal and Jihadi elements in Delhi. The book features narratives from Hindu and Muslim victims, stories of the Dalits who were brutalized in unimaginable ways, maps showing the insidious Urban-Naxal-Jihadi model of rioting, FIRs of properties that were burnt and wrecked, and the postmortem reports of Ankit Sharma and Ratan Lal, which portray their brutal killings.

One of the main themes of the book is the destruction of inter-community relations in North East Delhi in the garb of Anti-CAA protests. The book shows us that hatred and violence was ignited between two communities which had been peacefully coexisting for decades, by people with ideologically vested interests. It exposes the plot behind the violence, how it was planned and how the events unfolded. The book contains details on the events of 23rd February 2020 in Jaffrabad which laid the ground for full-fledged communal riots in the area on the next day. It shows how a Genocide was committed in North East Delhi under the cover of women's empowerment. The book uncovers the Urban-Naxal-Jihadi theories as contained in their own documents and literature. The book must be read because it shows the citizens of this country the ways in which their internal security is being compromised by fanatic ideologies.

Author :  Monika Arora    Sonali Chitalkar    Prerna Malhotra   
Publisher :  Garuda Prakashan   
Language : English
Edition : 1st, 2020
Format : Paperback
Return Conditions : Non-returnable

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