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ISBN 13 9788170173281
Book Language English
Binding Hardcover
Total Pages 144
Edition 1994
Author Om Prakash Sharma
Product Dimensions 22.5 cm X 14 cm
Publishers Abhinav Publications  
Category Books  
Weight 160.00 g

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From the Jacket:

A sensitive, perceptive, and comprehensive analysis of literary and cultural relations between India and the United States from their beginnings in the seventeenth century until the present day, The Great Encounter not only examines the specific reciprocal influence of individual authors and thinkers, but also explores in depth and detail the myriad and complex ways in which the two countries have impinged upon the consciousness of each other. It also stresses the role of inter-cultural communication in dispelling stereotyped images which nations and peoples tend to have of one another due to lack of information, and in bringing about a genuine understanding firmly rooted in a realistic assessment of values, objectives, and aspirations.

Although the primary focus in literary, the work is written from a consistently broad perspective which includes other spheres of cultural activity such as music, painting, sculpture, film, and journalism. Lucid and lively in style, and eminently readable, it is addressed not only to the specialist but to the interested general reader as well.

About the Author:

Dr. R.K. Gupta is Professor of English at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Pittsburgh and has taught at Kurukshetra University, University of Rhode Island, and Memphis State University. He has also been a Senior Fulbright-Hays Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania (1977-78) and a Visiting Professor at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. He has written American Literature : Fundamentals of Research and edited Interpretations: Essays on American Literature. His publications include articles in journals in India, England, the United State, Canada, Germany, and Japan, such as American Literature, New England Quarterly, Journal of Commonwealth Literature, Journal of the History of Ideas, and Indian Literature.