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Art and Culture – Endeavours in Interpretation

Art and Culture – Endeavours in Interpretation


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ISBN 13 9788170173151
Book Language English
Binding Hardcover
Total Pages 312
Edition 1996
Author Ahsan Jan Qaisar Som Prakash Verma
Product Dimensions 28.5 cm X 23 cm
Publishers Abhinav Publications  
Category Books  
Weight 1,270.00 g

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From the Jacket

As a supreme godhead Krishna is worshipped all over the world and revered for his visionary religio-philosophical treatise the Bhagavad-Gita. Glorious life of divine Krishna the worshipful one is narrate here with great devotion and reverence paying tributes to him as a savior of humanity and world at large. Krishna is at the centre of Vaishnava Bhakti cult whose temples are found all over the country and abroad. Not only you will know about this universal divinity from this work but procedures of how to offer him worship too are given here. Profusely illustrated it is a complete book on divine Krishna though in nutshell.

About the Author

Author M.L. Varadpande is internationally known for his erudition and scholarship and profound knowledge of Indian art literature, culture, religion, and mythology. His knowledge of divine cult of Krishna reflected this unusual book. He is author of several books including the history of Indian theatre in three volumes.


Birth of Krishna in Prison 11
Vanquisher of Demons 19
Kalia and Indra 27
Raslila 33
End of Kamsa 37
Dwaraka 40
Warrior Krishna 44
Friend of Pandavas 46
The Mahabharata War 53
Swargarohan/ Ascent to Heaven 57
Ten Incarnations of Vishnu 59
Formidable Weapons of Krishna 61
Vehicles 63
How to Worship Krishna 65
Bhakti 66
Yatra 70
Images 73
Shodashpachara 75
Mantras 77
Festivals 79
Stotra 82
Shri Krishna Kavacha 84
Thoughts from Gita 87
Acknowledgements 90