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Antarrashtriya Sambandh

Antarrashtriya Sambandh

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The book International Relations– Dimensions, Issues and Challenges is a useful resource for the candidates preparing for Civil Services Examination, State Service Examination and other competitive examination. Written using comprehensive and lucid language, the book also caters to the needs of candidates with no prior knowledge of political science.
The book also includes the key terminology and concepts related to international relations separately in the form of an appendix with the objective of acquainting the students with the basics of international relations and to make them familiar with the various chapters by the time they begin.

Key Features

• Completely updated book with main focus on factual aspects of the subject along with its analysis.
• Bilateral issues and multilateral issues influencing both international politics and relations are explained in separate chapters for better understanding.
• Special emphasis given on the Indian foreign policy and its changes and regional approach. Readers can easily understand India's point of view in the context of various issues of agriculture and international politics.
• Model question papers for practice provided at the end of each chapter for practice.
• Special study material on regional organizations is available on

More Information

ISBN 10 9355321805
ISBN 13 9789355321800
Book Language Hindi
Binding Paperback
Edition 1st
Release Year 2023
Author Udaybhan Singh
Publishers McGraw Hill  
Category Civil Services  
Weight 500.00 g

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Module 1 International Relations and its different dimensions
1. International Relations and its different dimensions

Module 2 Foreign policy and its various dimensions
1. Foreign Policy: An Introduction
2. India's foreign policy and its various dimensions

Module 3 India's relations with neighboring countries
1. India-Bhutan Relations in a Changing World: A Comprehensive Analysis
2. Changing relations between India-Nepal and its various dimensions
3. Changing relations between India-Sri Lanka relations: A holistic view
4. India-Maldives Relations: A Comprehensive View
5. India-Pakistan Relations: A Comprehensive Analysis
6. Changing Relations between India-Bangladesh and Its Diverse Dimensions: A Comprehensive Discussion
7. India-Afghanistan Relations: A Comprehensive View
8. India-Myanmar Relations: A Comprehensive View
9. India-China Relations: A Comprehensive View

Module 4 India and Central Asia Relations
1. India-Central Asia Relations: A Comprehensive View

Module 5 India's relationship with superpowers and its various dimensions
1. India-USA Relations Towards New Horizons
2. India-Russia Relations: A Comprehensive View

Module 6 India and Europe
1. EU-India relations moving towards strategic partnership
2. Brexit: EU and India
3. Nordic countries and India's relations towards new horizons
4. France, India's new gateway to Europe
5. UK-India relations in a new era

Module 7 India Indo Pacific region and East Asia
1. Challenges arising in the Indo-Pacific region and India
2. India-Japan Relations in the Changing and Challenging Global Scenario: Towards Integrity
3. India-Australia relations moving towards intensification and strategic

Module 8 India and West Asia
1. India-Israel Relations: A Comprehensive View
2. India UAE Relations: Towards New Horizons
3. India-Iran relations going through ups and downs

Module 9 International Organization
1. WTO: Journey from Marrakesh to Geneva
2. United Nations Organization and its relevance in the present
3. Reform and reorganization of the Security Council is both the need and the need of the hour
4. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO): A Critical Study