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An Entirely New History of INDIA

 by    Francois Gautier   

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Indian History needs to be re-examined and freed from colonial biases and error. Driven by Christian belief in a 6000-year old planet, British scholars, and their Indian hires, post-dated Indian history to fit into erroneous Western conceptions. For their own agendas the manufactures theories such as that of an "Aryan Invasion" and dismissed vast evidences, such as the existence of the river Sarasvati, as "mythical", even though it was mentioned more than fifty times in the Vedas. The colonial gaze also erroneously represented events such as the invasion of India by Alexander the Great in the year 326 BCE and fabricated myths such as the conversion of emperor Ashoka to Buddhism, purportedly due to "remorse" after the terrible battle of Kalinga, when Ashoka already a Buddhist at the time of the battle.

Thus this book rewrites Indian History based on new evidence including new scientific, linguistic and genetic discoveries. It seeks to dismantle the cliches, to clarify the controversies, and to retrace, as accurately as possible, the most significant periods of Indian history—history much older than previously thought

Author :  Francois Gautier   
Publisher :  Garuda Prakashan   
Language : English
ISBN 10 : 1942426271
ISBN-13 : 978-1942426271
Edition : 1st
Format : Hardcover
Return Conditions : Non-returnable

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