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The Sarasvati Epoch: A Factual Inquiry into India’s Pre-history

by   Narendran Thillaisthanam (Author)  
by   Narendran Thillaisthanam (Author)   (show less)
5.0 Ratings & 4 Reviews
Sold By:   Garuda Prakashan

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The Sarasvati Epoch by Narendran S Thillaisthanam attempts to change these one-sided arguments and dig out the truth beneath the cover using genetics, archaeology, geology and anthropology.

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ISBN 13 9798885750479
Book Language English
Binding Paperback
Total Pages 356
Release Year 2022
Publishers Garuda Prakashan  
Category History of Civilization & Culture   Identity   Offers  
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5.0 Ratings & 4 Reviews
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Very much needed book as our history is tapped so much and we are clueless. This book puts forth the facts in a simple form with lot of evidences. Nice one even a 4th grader can understand well.
Review by - Gayathri, January 15, 2023

Software Engineer

1. The book is no less than an awakening for every Indian who wants to know his identity. The book walks us from the birth of universe to Indus valley era touching upon major events that helped shape modern Bharat. Importantly it draws parallel between scientific facts and quotes from Hindu scriptures thereby establishing the the greatness of the latter which otherwise are merely seen as "mythology". 2. The author awakens the readers with help of vast research material with due citations, to a grand civilization called Saraswathi-Sindhu civilization and calls out the bias in a) marking its timeline b) deliberately not acknowledging its association to river Saraswathi c) narrowing down its footage to just around the river Indus. 3. Lastly, The author takes up the much debated Aryan-Invasion-Theory and walks us through the lens of both AIT and anti-AIT camps with citations from dozens of autors. He lays before us findings of both parties and calls short comings on both campers in an unbiased manner and also passing his opinion from all these findings.
Review by - Srinath , February 27, 2023

Saraswati Epoch

A sincere attempt to bring out our real history. Great, all True Indians should read rather study and forget what was taught in our school days. It's high time even our curriculum also start teaching our REAL HISTORY and stop teaching the false and concocted version.
Review by - srinivasan Chhinni, March 28, 2023


Thanks to Narenji for writing this book as it explains, with evidences, the actual Indian history, which we don't learn in our schools/colleges. Topics range from cosmology to genetics, from archeology to astronomy. It clarifies how our culture has flown un-interrupted over several thousand years. Thanks for enlightening the youth about the real history and not the one that we study in our History text books. Am now eagerly waiting to read the Ganga Epoch.
Review by - Sarada Narayanan, April 17, 2023
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For about 200 years now—ever since the days of Max Muller and Sir William Jones—our Indian history has been desperately edited and re-concocted to fit the Biblical timeline. The Aryan Invasion Theory (myth?) has been thrown like a blanket over the antiquity of our Vedic culture. Those desperate to protect the blanket from being blown employ an array of tricks—from propagating lopsided debates with flimsy, one-sided arguments to marketing hyperbolic claims devoid of a scientific basis.

The Sarasvati Epoch by Narendran S Thillaisthanam attempts to change these one-sided arguments and dig out the truth beneath the cover using genetics, archaeology, geology and anthropology.

The book starts from the beginning—from a time when time itself did not exist—and takes us on an elaborate journey, unravelling many mysteries. What is Hiranyagarbha? How was the Earth formed? When was the human race born? When did India, as we know it today, come into existence? What is our connection to Africa? What was our very first culture?

Trailing these questions, we reach the earliest civilization of India—poised at the banks of the Sarasvati-Sindhu. It is time to open the gates and walk in to find out the scientific truth of our past. Are you ready?