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Among the Brahmins and Pariahs (An Old And Rare Book)

Among the Brahmins and Pariahs (An Old And Rare Book)


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Book Language English
Binding Hardcover
Total Pages 241
Edition 1986
Author Johannes A. Sauter
Product Dimensions 23 cm x 15 cm
Category Books  
Weight 390.00 g

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Eversince the advent of British rule in India the inquisitive Europeans have been busy making deep study of the life of Indian people-their ancient past and also their present. Since India is as large as Europe minus Russia, they found it a land of endless variety of geography, climate, culture, reli- gions, sprawling plains, arid deserts, dense forests, great rivers, lofty mountain ranges and above all a society boasting of the highest to the lowest stages of culture and which was at once the most affluent and at the same time swallowing in most abject poverty. Some belonged to the fairest of the human race and some dark no less than the Negroes of Africa.