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Accounting For Intangibles - An Exploration


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ISBN 13 9788190042289
Book Language English
Binding Hardcover
Total Pages 237
Author Madhurima
Editor 2011
Product Dimensions 23 cm x 15 cm
Publishers Book Treasure  
Category Books  
Weight 440.00 g

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In recent years, one of the most important emerging features of economic systems and organizations is the role of intangibles in wealth creation, which are for this reason often comprehensively referred to as Intellectual Capital. Even though intangibles have always been important for running economic activity, they are nowadays at the centre of an increasing interest by the scientific community and the practice world. The attention devoted to this subject area is becoming very substantial when considering the large number of articles and books published in the last decade or so, as well as the major events and projects promoted by numerous national and international institutions (European Commission; OECD; United Nations; various country governments such as Denmark, Japan, Germany; Brookings Institution, and so on).