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A Companion To Tantra

A Companion To Tantra


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ISBN 13 9781701740228
Book Language English
Binding Hardcover
Total Pages 395
Edition 2007
Author S. C. Banerji
Product Dimensions 22 cm X 5.5
Publishers Abhinav Publications  
Category Books  
Weight 610.00 g

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In nature's scheme of things, there is birth, growth and death but there is no disease and sorrow. If a person is upset the, at some time or the other, at some place or the other somehow or the other, that person has certainly erred somehow or the other. The present volume is the most authoritative classic of the subject to tell you where you have wronged and to suggest you numerous golden ways to good luck in the most systematic and scientific manner..

It comprehensively explains the various aspects of the subject making a systematic analysis of its facts. This book will help you improve and polish your natural ability as it shows step-by-step-in plains, non-technical language-how to apply the latest discoveries of the human race to your utmost advantage and it also enables you to act your part in life positively and confidently so that you will reap rich rewards in health and happiness. It will definitely bring out the vibrancy and power that lies dormant within you. It ultimately solves the problem of how to match the man to a particular job-and vice versa.

It is an attempt to gather together, to compare and to systematically synthesise the various concepts and heir functions, found in the well-known systems of ancient Indian thought comparing it with the corresponding concepts of western astrology and for making modern astrology richer and more comprehensive than it is a present. Conscious and reflective thoughts offers new vistas to envisage what is most exalted in man and help widen our new horizons.

The author Dr. Jagdish Gautam (born October 23, 1934) as per his horoscope spent his early life in the very sea of sorrow and as such he naturally became keenly interested in Astrology even in his teens. After a 28-year spell of teaching, he got retirement from Govt. service in the H. E. S. rank as the Head of an Institution in 1992 whereafter, he now divides his time between book writing and spiritual meditation. He is dedicated to research work related to spirituality and astrology. He knows fully well that he timeless in you is aware of life's timelessness and knows that yesterday is but today's memory and tomorrow is today's dream i.e. knowing well what he is to write in a particular book synthesizing the wisdom of the East and sciences of the West.

In service and thereafter he was always appreciated very much for his profundity of scholarship, intellectual brilliance, oratorical talents, nobility of character. his deep philosophical insight and unfathomed spirituality attracted the learned and the intelligentsia to a fairly good measure.

He knows that knowledge is your hallo and to keep it burnished we invite you all to avail of the golden opportunity of possessing a set of his books without any further delay. Dr. Gautam's book will surely be acclaimed as a most timely work. In other words, there are the books which work. In other words, there are the books which no talented citizen of the world should like to miss as these all are completely thorough-going and up-to-date than any other previous approaches known to us.