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25 Careers in Textile, Garment and Fashion

25 Careers in Textile, Garment and Fashion

by   Dwijendra Kumar (Author)  
by   Dwijendra Kumar (Author)   (show less)

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ISBN 13 9789394369344
Book Language English
Binding Paperback
Total Pages 118
Author Dwijendra Kumar
Product Dimensions 5.50 x 8.50
Category Textile industry fashion  
Weight 231.00 g

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Indian fashion has come of age. Fashion designers are going places, jet setting abroad and participating in high octane reputed fashion events. They are firmly getting a foothold in the global fashion scenario. The government too has realized the importance of design elements to promote export of textiles, jewellery, leather and other lifestyle items. It has sponsored fashion shows organized worldwide to create a favorable image for the Indian products. Further, people in general have become conscious of their appearance. All these developments have led to creation of a huge domestic and export market for lifestyle products. This book deals with various job opportunities available to youngsters having +2 or equivalent qualification particularly in the area of design- its production, marketing and promotion. I hope this book would benefit all those seeking information on a range of career options available in the field of fashion in India and would serve a handy companion for those who want to chart out a course in fashion arena. I would however request the readers to go through websites of various institutes. A list of few training Institutes has been given in the last chapter, to ascertain latest information about various courses mentioned in the following pages.