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21st Shatabdi Mein Antrashtriya Sambandh

21st Shatabdi Mein Antrashtriya Sambandh

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International Relations is an important area of Civil Services Examinations. It covers everything from world politics to foreign policy and international relations between countries. This book by Pushpesh Pant and Jitendra Kumar Pandey covers the entire International Relations syllabus of General Studies (for Preliminary and Mains) and Political Science (Elective).
The book is specially designed for a deep analytical understanding of the global world order. It has been supplemented with several case studies and diagrams to aid the reading of the candidates. The book has been thoroughly revised with events ranging from the rise of modern nation-states to the decline of nation-states. India's relations with all the continents and regions of the world have been discussed extensively, with the changing paradigm of its foreign policy over the decades.

Key Features

• Simple and lucid language for clarity in understanding
• Coverage of topics as per the UPSC syllabus
• Facts are updated and cross checked with reliable sources
• Ancient and latest political tension and friendship related to the international environment have been covered
• One stop solution for issues like foreign policy, arms control, terrorism to the environment, recent pandemics and global poverty

More Information

ISBN 10 9355323751
ISBN 13 9789355323750
Book Language Hindi
Binding Paperback
Edition 7th
Release Year 2023
Author Pushpesh Pant, Jitendra Kumar Pandey
Publishers McGraw Hill  
Category Civil Services  
Weight 500.00 g

Product Details

1. America in the 21st century
2. Russia in the 21st century
3. China in the 21st century
4. India and ASEAN
5. G-20 Summit
6. World of Islam in the 21st century
7. Pakistan in the 21st century
8. Rohingya issue
9. Maldives
10. India-Africa
11. Indo-UK Relations
12. After Brexit: The pangs of divorce
13. South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC)

1. International Relations in the 21st Century: Emerging Trends
2. Human Rights
3. Ecology (Environment), Indian Strategy
4. Universal Issues: Democracy and International Communication System
5. Future Footprint

1. Cold War (1945-1953)
2. Second phase of the Cold War (1953-1962)
3. The period of depression (1962-1973)
4. New Cold War (1979-1989)
5. Vietnam War (1945–1975)

1. Role of Indian Foreign Policy
2. Principles of Indian Foreign Policy
3. Major Issues of Indian Foreign Policy
4. Non-alignment

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