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1984 & Animal Farm (Premium Paperback)

1984 & Animal Farm (Premium Paperback)

Sold By:   Swadhyayam

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ISBN 13 9780143454205
Book Language English
Binding Paperback
Total Pages 392
Author Orwell, George
Publishers Penguin Random House India  
Category Theory & Criticism  

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This Item: 1984 & Animal Farm (Premium Paperback)


Sold by: Swadhyayam


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This Item: 1984 & Animal Farm (Premium Paperback)

Sold By: Swadhyayam


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In Nineteen Eighty Four, George Orwell's Dystopian vision comes to life. Set in an imagined future, the people live under a totalitarian regime where 'Big Brother' is always watching. And while everyone seems to have accepted the new reality, Winston is struggling. Haunted by his memories, he remembers a world where the truth wasn't doctored, and your thoughts were your own. As Winston seeks pleasure through small acts of rebellion, the ever-looming threat of the Thought Police grows stronger. But everything changes when Winston comes across 'The Brotherhood'-a revolutionary secret organization that is conspiring to overthrow the government . . . A startling work of fiction, 1984willhaunt you long after you finish reading this book.


Animal Farm is Orwell's searing political satire of the Russian Revolution. The oppressed animals of 'Manor Farm' overthrow their cruel master, Mr Jones, in a bid to establish a just and equal society. But as the days progress, the naïve animals find themselves in the throes of a treacherous conspiracy that threatens to destroy everything they've worked for.