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16 Shades Of Life (Life’s Colourful Stories)

16 Shades Of Life (Life’s Colourful Stories)

by   Suniti Kharbanda (Author)  
by   Suniti Kharbanda (Author)   (show less)

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ISBN 13 9788196191689
Book Language English
Binding Paperback
Total Pages 94
Author Suniti Kharbanda
Product Dimensions 5.50 x 8.50
Category Contemporary Fiction  
Weight 100.00 g

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Red is symbolic of love, Brown signifies earthiness, White depicts purity, Silver is associated with glamour …. and so on. 16 Shades of Life , explores these colourful emotions of life ( 16 of them) through 25 stories and poems. The characters and settings of these stories are highly relatable and therefore could be your story or the story of some one you know. It’s also a reminder that each one of us is made up of so many stories, some complete…others yet to reach their culmination. At the same time the fresh perspective in these stories nudges us to pause and think. The book is divided into 16 sections, each section headlined by a colour. After explaining the connection of the colour with an emotion there are stories in the section dealing with that particular emotion. “I am the artist of my life And I’ll colour it with Shades of infinite emotions To create my masterpiece.” In order to have an enriched life, we will have to accept that there will be doses of love, longing, despair, growth ,fulfillment and so many more emotions. Acceptance will lead us to embrace these emotions and lead the colourful life we were always meant to have. Life is meant to be beautiful as well as colourful!