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by   Vivekanand Jha (Author)  
by   Vivekanand Jha (Author)   (show less)
4.7 Ratings & 6 Reviews
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"The Making of Narendra Modi, Unmaking of Jawaharlal" is a groundbreaking exploration of the abrogation of Article 370 and 35A of the Indian Constitution. This meticulously researched book delves into the origins of the issue and traces its evolution to its eventual repealment. Offering a rare perspective, it also examines India's foreign policy from 1947 to the present day, alongside domestic issues, and highlights the growing influence of the Indian diaspora in shaping the country's political landscape. With the Supreme Court's landmark decision validating the Modi government's actions, the book argues that these developments signify the rise of Narendra Modi while challenging the legacy of Jawaharlal Nehru. A must-read for policymakers, foreign policy experts, students of strategic affairs, and anyone interested in understanding the complex dynamics of Indian politics and diplomacy.

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ISBN 13 9798885751605
Book Language English
Binding Paperback
Publishing Year 2024
Total Pages 464
Edition F
Release Year First
Publishers Garuda Prakashan  
Category Biography/Autobiography   Non-Fiction   Autobiography   Political Ideologies  
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4.7 Star

4.7 Ratings & 6 Reviews
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The making of Narendra Modi unmaking of Jawaharlal is brilliant written book by Mr Vivekanand jha who has shown a brilliant tallent . it emphasizes significant strides in poverty reduction compared to past administrations. Overall, it provides insight into India's evolving global engagement and domestic development efforts.
Review by - PRACHI SHARMA , February 09, 2024


Great book from a very well respected author
Review by - Anand, February 12, 2024

The Making of Narendra Modi

5 Stars
Review by - Sahil, February 14, 2024

Great Read

A good book to read. Very detailed and informative.
Review by - Ramesh Vishwa, February 14, 2024

The Making of Narendra Modi

Great book, from a well respected author.
Review by - Gaurav, February 21, 2024


It makes for a fascinating read bringing before us how the techtonic shift in our national politics have been brought about for the better by "The Making of Narendra Modi and The Unmaking of Nehru". A must read for any serious student of contemporary indian politics. In one word it's unputdownable
Review by - Sonjoy Bhattacharji, April 29, 2024
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The Making of Narendra Modi, Unmaking of Jawaharlal is an avant-garde book on the abrogation of Article 370 and 35A of the Indian Constitution. A comprehensively researched book, it encompasses the genesis of the issue up until its resolution leading to its repealment from the Constitution.

A rare book that discusses the foreign policy of India since 1947 till date, alongside domestic issues, it significantly portrays the evolving role and dimensions of the Indian diaspora in shaping the political trajectory in India. Unequivocally, the judgment of the Supreme Court on December 23, 2023, upholding the decision of the Modi government to nullify Article 370 is tantamount to validating the very title of this book—as this decision, including the earlier decision on Sri Ram Janmabhoomi, marks the making of Narendra, while ensuring the unmaking of Jawaharlal in the process—for the special status of Jammu and Kashmir was a Nehruvian albatross around the neck of Mother India, which found its expression via Article 370.

This book would be of great interest to policy makers, foreign policy experts, diaspora, students of strategic affairs, and to the intelligentsia of the nation and world.