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The Infidel Next Door

 by    Rajat Mitra   

The Infidel Next Door (English Books): Kashmir is the most radicalized region on earth. But behind it is a story of how its inhabitants resisted religious conversion. Told through the eyes of a psychologist, this inspiring story revolves around Aditya, a Hindu priest, Anwar, who wants to create an Islamic Kashmir and Zeba torn between her love and her religion. The Infidel Next Door is a story of every individual in search of an identity after a loss, the conflict between religions in the present world and how forgiveness transcends hate.

Categories: Fiction   


The Infidel Next Door is a saga of the undying spirit of a man while facing loss and betrayal in the name of religious persecution. It is set in the period before the seventh and last exodus of Hindus from Kashmir in 1989.

When Aditya, a Hindu priest, is asked to go back to a temple in Kashmir where his ancestor was killed for refusing to convert to Islam, he decides he must go. Though the attacks - both on his family and on the temple - occurred three centuries ago, the wounds are yet to heal.

When he arrives, he discovers a mosque has been built next door where Anwar, the imam's son, is becoming a fanatic to escape memories of humiliation.

As seen through their eyes, the novel describes the anguish and terror when Anwar slowly begins to see his relationship to God as the only true one and gives in to the demand of his mentor to throw out hundreds of thousands of Hindus to create a Kashmir without infidels.

A story so steeped in haunting imagery of once beautiful land and its forgotten people, it brings to fore one of the deepest fear of our times that when a man gets caught up in a struggle over religious fundamentalism, does his conscience still remain a force to decide his ultimate choice?

Author :  Rajat Mitra   
Publisher :  Utpal Publications   
ISBN-13 : 978-8185217432
Language : English
Binding : Paperback
Edition : 1st
Release Year : 2019

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