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Islam's touch poisons humanity.

This book has slightly changed my perspective on Kashmir. The book will make the reader know about his/her roots more and connect with it. Along with pain which never goes out from me for Kashmir and its history, the book is a must-read by everyone to understand how radicalism of the certain faith adversely affects itself in the process of subjugating other faiths. I have mostly analyzed Kashmir from point of view of different types of Hindus and whenever I thought about it from Muslim's point of view, the character of Anwar was never there. Having experienced trauma of my ancestors during various periods of time, the book has given me slight relief, the very purpose of it. It has many incidences the way I imagined to have had happened. For me, Kashmir has been my own problem, not only of Kashmiris. And, I am proud of Kashmiri Hindus. Thanks Rajat ji for this book.
Review by - July 30, 2021