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Sleep Your Way to Sucess

Sleep Your Way to Success

by   Dinesh Ghodke (Author),   Khurshed Batliwala (Author)  
by   Dinesh Ghodke (Author),   Khurshed Batliwala (Author)   (show less)
Sold By:   Garuda Prakashan

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Nature has bestowed all of us with a strange super power. When invoked, it makes us healthier, smarter and younger. Without it, we age faster, fall sick more often, and become incapable of making smart decisions. In short, our quality of life goes for a toss.

That Super Power is Sleep.

Millions of people are not getting enough quality sleep. Sleep Deprivation is a silent and insidious pandemic sweeping across the globe, and it’s taking a serious toll on your health and happiness.

The first part of this is an all-you-need guide on how you can radically improve your health, productivity and creativity through sleep.

Sleep Powers Success.

The second part of this book is a series of “success chunks” that focus on charting out a clear, actionable road map to success.

Learn to harvest the phenomenal power of sleep and you will have an unbeatable edge in any field – your will indeed be able to sleep your way to success.

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ISBN 13 9798885750998
Book Language English
Binding Paperback
Total Pages 320
Release Year 2023
Publishers Garuda Prakashan  
Category Self Help   Lifestyle   Therapy   Offers  
Weight 300.00 g
Dimension 13.90 x 21.60 x 1.92

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Ode to Sleep


Foreword by Luke Coutinho


Why Sleep

Three Questions

Falling Asleep

Sleep and Meditation

The Bedroom

The Winding Down Ritual

The Art of Waking Up

Sleep and the Three Vital Energies

Babies and Sleep

Frequently Asked Questions About Sleep


The Monster in Your Head

The Pizza of Life

Goal Sculpting


The Expertise Trap


Letting Go

Adding by Subtracting

Dancing with Dopamine

Allies and Power-ups

Karma and Destiny


Three Magic Plants for the Bedroom

A Shopping Guide

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

The Art of Living Foundation Courses

Integrated Craniosacral Therapy

Workshops with Khurshed and Dinesh

Bach Flower Remedies

The Power of Sleep

Study Sutras


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The most sophisticated mobile phone in the world will become nothing more than an expensive paperweight if it is not regularly charged. All its features, its apps, its amazing abilities to make stunning photos and videos—all that lavish technology becomes worthless when the battery runs out.

We and our bodies are much the same. We have been created with ultra-sophisticated, fantastically complex organic technology. We can do myriad things. We can cook amazingly tasty food, write beautiful prose and poetry, create music that can lift our spirits or move us to tears, think up things like string theory and quantum physics, make brilliant movies, smile and laugh and cry and experience the most exquisite of emotions—love. We can take care of each other and are capable of immense compassion. We have even managed to go to the moon and beyond.

But just like our phones, we need to regularly recharge ourselves. Otherwise, we become exhausted, dull, angry, frustrated and fearful. We become the antithesis of the glory of being human.

To charge our phones, we use electricity. To charge ourselves, we need to sleep.

Sleep is the most neglected, often completely overlooked way of feeling amazing and looking great. Unfortunately, a vast majority of us consider sleeping to be a waste of time. People all over the world lament: If only I didn’t have to sleep so much, I would get so much more done. Understand this: you get things done because you sleep. And most people are not getting enough of it.

There are 3 more ways we can recharge ourselves. Through food, through our breath, and by culturing our minds to become serene, calm and happy. There is a lot of literature out there on how to eat healthy. The secrets of the power of the breath can be yours when you practice Pranayama. Yoga and meditation are ancient techniques, excellent for refining the mind. All these are best learned from a qualified teacher.

People with unruffled and cheerful minds can create an explosion of peace around them. They can instantly make you feel at ease as soon as you are with them. These people make you relaxed and in their company, all your tensions melt away. A settled mind brings tremendous feelings of well-being into the environment. And this makes it a formidable source of energy in this day and age. Culturing your mind to become like this is the practice of Meditation. Some might call it Mindfulness. Just like Pranayama, meditation is best learned from a qualified teacher. I would heartily recommend Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s Art of Living series of courses that guide you on how to go deep within yourself. More information is sprinkled throughout this book and in the appendix.

While meditation, unlike sleep, requires guidance and training, everyone is born with the ability to rejuvenate themselves through sleep. No guidance required. Yet, huge masses of people across the world suffer from the terrible consequences of sleep deprivation.

Hence, this book.

I have organised this book into short informative pieces about sleep—why one should sleep, what are the benefits of great sleep and the hazards of not getting enough sleep. Practical habits to develop and the logic and science about why I recommend them, that will ensure you are maximising the benefits of your time in bed. Included too are tips on inculcating habits that will ensure you are maximising the benefits of your time in bed. The second section of this book explores the idea of success—what you would need to do, and not do, to realise your big life goals, and how to figure those out in the first place.

I would recommend that you read each of these pieces curled up snugly in your bed, just before going to sleep. Or first thing when you awaken in the morning.

Though you might be sorely tempted to, don’t read this entire book in one go. Keep this book on your bedside table and read one or two chapters each night. Some chapters may be a little long and you are welcome to read just parts of them each night. The last thoughts we have before we sleep can make a humungous difference to the quality of our sleep and hence to the quality of our lives.

I suffered through a few months of terrible insomnia and know firsthand the debilitating effects of compromised sleep. Ironically, I used all those sleepless nights to research about sleep.

Many pieces in this book are based on this research that I did on the work of many other amazing people. I went through tons of books (some of which are mentioned in the bibliography at the end) and scanned countless websites. I did a lot of experimenting with all that I learned. The result—I cured myself of my insomnia without resorting to any sort of allopathic medication whatsoever. It was a long journey of distilling all that I felt was practical and feasible, and modifying and supplementing it to make it my own. Having said this, I acknowledge that I stand on the shoulders of giants, and I am thankful to them.

Most of us are missing out on the flabbergasting benefits that a good night’s sleep can bestow on us. And that’s what this book is all about. To borrow a phrase from
P.G. Wodehouse—I hope your gast becomes as flabbered as mine when you finish reading this book, implement at least some of what I recommend, and you too start to enjoy the incredible benefits of great sleep. I am pretty sure your gast will be even more flabbered when you get to the second part of the book that talks about success. You will get to define your own version of success. Then you will see how to create an environment geared for success. Finally, you will be able to come up with a strategic action plan that will take you towards the life you dream about.

Here is to your dreams coming true, and a healthier, younger, sexier and smarter you!

Good Night!

Jai Gurudeva!

Bawa n Dinesh

P.S.: The pronouns we and I are used interchangeably in the book—both mean Bawa and Dinesh.

Ode to Sleep

— Nadir Godrej,

Chairman, Godrej Industries

Now Sleep Your Way to Success

Does sound risqué, I must confess,

But thoughtful readers surely know

To ignore the innuendo,

And take a very serious look

At this amazingly useful book.

Now lack of sleep can cause a mess,

While proper sleep leads to success.

A fresh recharge is what’s required,

So for success you will be wired,

Get the right kind of sleep,

That is both long as well as deep.

You can’t perform if you are drowsy …

And with eight hours you won’t feel lousy.

All conditions must be right

No loud sounds, or any light.

Before you sleep, you must be calm,

Then, your sleep’s a soothing balm.

As every stage has a role,

Good, balanced sleep—this is the goal.

Deep sleep leads to rejuvenation

And dreaming states, to inspiration.

Once inspired and free of stress,

Undoubtedly, you’ll taste success.

Brief naps of course, can be an aid …

Yet, they mustn’t be overplayed.

Meditate, and you will transcend

Into states you couldn’t comprehend.

Now severe stress is very taxing

But meditation is peaceful and relaxing

So, meditation is really very good.

It should be clearly understood,

Just meditating, without sleeping well,

Will make your body and mind rebel.

Towards success, you’ll gravitate

If you both sleep and meditate.

Keep all I say well in sight,

But read the book to get it right.

Avoid the trap of sleeping less,

Sleep properly, enjoy success.

Our deepest thanks, Dinesh and Bawa!

Congratulations! Wah! Wah! Wah!