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Saffron Swords (Buy 50 Copies)

 by    Manoshi Sinha Rawal   
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Saffron Swords (Buy 50 Copies)- Bulk Buy

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How much do we know about the valorous saga of our ancestors from the east to west, north to south of Bharat? Unfortunately very little! Were we always defeated? It is a BIG No! But we have been projected as losers! During the last 1300 years, our ancestors across the country put up a brave resistance against invaders, first against Islamic invasion and rule and later the British. Hundreds and thousands of our warriors won battles and many fought until their last breath defending the motherland.

Indian History textbooks have hardly glorified these real warriors of the soil. We have grown up reading more about the glories of our invaders. A nation’s citizens, who are ignorant about the brave feats of their ancestors, tend to deviate away from their roots, historicity, and their sense of belongingness for the motherland. Saffron Swords that contains 52 tales of valor, is a tribute to the unsung warriors of India, both men, and women, from the last 1300 years. This book is the first in its series.

Author :  Manoshi Sinha Rawal   
Publisher :  Garuda Prakashan   
Language : English
Binding : Paperback
ISBN-13 : 978-1942426103
Edition : 1st
Release Year : 2019

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