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Mahabharata: Relevance and Application in Contemporary Thought

by   Bharat Thakker (Author)  
by   Bharat Thakker (Author)   (show less)
4.8 Ratings & 4 Reviews
Sold By:   Garuda Prakashan

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Thought provoking book that explores the Mahabharata and draws guidance on issues relevant to our lives:

 Kula, Sanskar and Parampara – one generation to the next.

 Choosing a life partner for yourself or your child?

 Mother-in-laws do not do what was done to you!

 Promises and vows—when in conflict with our obligations and duty?

 OK to pursue emotional needs and material desires?

 Sacrifice, charity, penance—their relevance?

 Heaven and Hell: Are they real?

 Self-learn the Hindu way of life.

 Validate your beliefs with rationale.

 Use Conviction, not Fear.

 Act based on Conviction to achieve Peace of Mind.

The book captures the principles of intellectual property, contracts, pre-nuptial agreements, divorce, succession laws, etc.

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ISBN 13 9798885750554
Book Language English
Binding Paperback
Publishing Year 2023
Total Pages 400
Publishers Garuda Prakashan  
Category Civilisational   Commentary   Culture  
Weight 350.00 g
Dimension 13.90 x 21.60 x 2.40

Customer Rating

4.8 Star

4.8 Ratings & 4 Reviews
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Fresh n up

Bharat taste of pudding lies in reading.Concised in practical solutions to beat the worldly heat is an honest approach chapter wise fresh n up suffering multitude.Truth is one has to quit this body.Rest is management until departure.You find book worth it for seekers to live.Reading the book enlivens you to rereading ending up as Hansa seprating water from milk. Eye opener for self life styled deseased one to all to fork fortune living. 'A journey back to Krishna " "Mam eva ye prapadyante mayam etanm te Tarantino te".Cross over the ensconced with Bharat's book in hand "Krishna matir astu".Wish readers best of luck.
Review by - Mahesh Sharma, April 16, 2023


Bharat beautifully pragmatically you have left scholars stunned with intelect delving in for chapter wise solution.You have created short chapter ending for meaningful living and purposeful life to short out each day problem. I am of the opinion that taste of the pudding is in reading.Only then a hapless educated multitude will apply your solutions grounded with techniques for self and contextually. Bharat your master piece work leaves one for rereading and mill out conclusions for self. Satisfying endeavor. Great success.
Review by - Mahesh Pandit Sharma, April 16, 2023

Interesting and exploring

Introduction: Connecting Ancient Epics with Today’s World The allure of epic tales lies in their enduring relevance across changing times and generations. Bharat Thakker’s thought-provoking work, “Mahabharata: Relevance and Application in Contemporary Thought,” delves into the timeless resonance of the epic Mahabharata, shedding light on its significance in the modern world. Thakker’s book bridges the gap between the past and the present and offers a fresh perspective on the epic’s characters, themes, and teachings. Delving into the profound teachings of the Mahabharata, this thought-provoking book offers insightful guidance on various issues pertinent to our lives. From the intricacies of generational traditions (Kula, Sanskar, and Parampara) to the complex decisions surrounding choosing life partners and navigating familial relationships, the book addresses these dilemmas through the lens of timeless wisdom. It explores the nuances of promises and vows, the pursuit of emotional needs and material desires, and the significance of concepts like sacrifice, charity, and penance. While contemplating the notions of heaven and hell, the book encourages readers to self-learn the Hindu way of life and to substantiate their beliefs with rationale rather than succumbing to fear. Furthermore, it advocates for acting with conviction, leading to a profound sense of peace. Notably, the book extends its exploration beyond philosophical insights, capturing the practical application of principles in contemporary contexts such as intellectual property, contracts, pre-nuptial agreements, divorce, and succession laws. A Strong Foundation for a Timeless Epic Thakker, a seasoned businessperson and author, skillfully weaves together the strands of the Mahabharata, intertwining its profound concepts with the complexities of today’s society. His objective is clear: to provide a comprehensive guide to dharma and other pivotal concepts, making them accessible and applicable in our current lives. A Thoughtful Structure for Deeper Understanding Thakker’s book is structured meticulously, ensuring a seamless journey for the reader. He starts by laying the groundwork, elucidating fundamental concepts such as dharma and karma, and offering insights into the Hindu way of life. Introducing key characters serves as a gateway to the heart of the epic, where Thakker masterfully explores its core themes. Narrative Technique: Bridging Past and Present The author’s narrative technique is a highlight of the book. Thakker skillfully transports readers into the historical context of the Mahabharata, gradually drawing parallels to contemporary events. This storytelling approach not only enhances engagement but also showcases the enduring relevance of the epic, both within Indian society and on a global scale. The book delves into diverse themes, including societal dynamics, women’s empowerment, equality, modernity, and the intricate web of human roles. Unveiling Universal Themes Thakker masterfully unveils the universal themes woven into the fabric of the Mahabharata. From the intricate complexities of human nature to the profound questions that shape our existence, the book encourages readers to contemplate life’s larger tapestry. By skillfully interweaving the narrative with today’s realities, the author underscores the ongoing relevance of the epic’s psychological insights in the modern world. Advertisements REPORT THIS AD Challenges and Controversies While “Mahabharata: Relevance and Application in Contemporary Thought” is a commendable exploration, it is not immune to criticism. Noted writer Anand Neelakantan argues that these age-old stories are often retold and reinterpreted in each era. Thakker’s portrayal of characters, such as casting Duryodhana in a heroic light and presenting Krishna as manipulative, sparks a departure from conventional interpretations. Additionally, some parallels drawn between the Mahabharata’s dharma yuddh and Jihad have sparked controversy. Refreshing the Memory, Fueling Curiosity Thakker’s approach to retelling the epic’s narrative is a distinctive feature of the book. By revisiting the story’s sequence, readers have a refreshed understanding of events, allowing for a deeper connection with the narrative. This technique maintains reader engagement and transforms the book into a captivating retelling rather than a mere commentary. Final Thoughts: A Journey into Wisdom “Mahabharata: Relevance and Application in Contemporary Thought” by Bharat Thakker is commendable for those seeking profound insights into life’s intricacies. Thakker’s blend of personal experience and diligent research crafts a narrative that encourages readers to explore the depths of human existence with an open mind. While controversies may arise from specific interpretations, the book undeniably offers a fresh lens through which to view the ancient epic. Whether one is a fervent admirer of Indian philosophy or a curious seeker of wisdom, Thakker’s work serves as an enriching companion on the journey of self-discovery.
Review by - Swapna Peri , August 10, 2023

A thought provoking read from an insightful author!

A thought provoking read from an insightful author! Having watched the TV series as a child, this book brought back some wonderful childhood memories and also piqued my interest in the lessons that the epic may have intended to convey through the robust medium of storytelling. The author does a fantastic job of distilling some of the more complex constructs of the epic into relatable ideas and applications to our current lives. What I love about this book is that the reader does not need to be familiar with the Mahabharata, the author sets the context at the start of every chapter before providing his interpretation. And for those that are familiar with the epic, this is an opportunity to see the epic in a new light and with a renewed perspective.
Review by - P. Patel, August 16, 2023
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Contents Intent of this Book Part-A Introduction Chapter 1 Introduction to the MAHABHARATA Chapter 2 Hindu Way of Life, Modern Religion and Rituals Chapter 3 Gods and the Hindu Way of Life Chapter 4 Dharma and the Hindu Way of Life Chapter 5 Hinduism and the Caste System Chapter 6 Mahabharata and the Bhagwad Gita Chapter 7 The Mahabharata’s Unique Construct and Characters Part-B Mahabharata: The Great Epic Chapter 1 Early History of the Kuru Dynasty Chapter 2 King Shantanu’s Marriage and Bhishma’s Birth Chapter 3 King Shantanu Marries Satyawati Chapter 4 Succession Vacuum in Hastinapur Chapter 5 Ved Vyas Invited to Perform Niyoga Chapter 6 Young Princes Grow up Chapter 7 Marriage of Dhritarashtra Chapter 8 Pandu Crowned King Marries Kunti and Madri Chapter 9 Pandu along with his Wives Goes into Exile Chapter 10 Dhritarashtra, the Blind King and his 100 Sons Chapter 11 Kunti Returns with the Five Pandava Sons Chapter 12 The Young Princes Growing Up
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