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Lotus in the Stone: Sacred Journeys in Eternal India

 by    Anuradha Goyal   
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A travelogue like no other, A guidebooks to India and its temples and hidden gems that you will cherish. Lotus In The Stone takes us on a journey to the dizzying array of deities, temples, festivals, rituals, art, architecture, applied sciences and living traditions of India, that is Bharat, bringing us to an understanding of the sublime, advanced society her culture nurtured. With her experiences and adventures in crisscrossing Inda for decades, the author shows us how ancient India's surviving heritage and living traditions are a testimony to her history, and the invisible threads and sacred geography that bind her people together.

Author :  Anuradha Goyal   
Publisher :  Garuda Prakashan   
Language : English
ISBN 10 : 1942426349
ISBN-13 : 978-1942426349
Edition : 1st
Format : Paperback
Release Year : 2020
Return Conditions : Non-returnable

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