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It's First Love!...Just Like The Last One!


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ISBN 13 9788192222660
Book Language English
Binding Paperback
Total Pages 240
Release Year 2011
Publisher Grapevine India Publishers
Author Sachin Garg
Category Indian Writing  
Weight 204.00 g
Dimension 14.90 x 19.60 x 1.60

Product Details

A love story portrayed through the interplay of fortune and fate, this novel plunges deep into the mysterious avenues and dynamics of love through the lives of five young people—Kanika, Sachin, Arshi, Zeeshan and Radhika. Described as a compulsive novel full of unexpected twists and turns, through the lives of these youngsters, this novel tries to provide a comprehensive analysis of both the sweet and dark connotations of love. Sachin is a handsome yet simple young fellow in love with his college sweetheart Kanika, a lovely lady who hides her secrets behind a mask of vivacity and narcissism. She falls in love with Sachin in spite of having a soft corner for Neil. When Arshi realizes her own soft corner for Sachin, her bitter personality takes a leap for positivity. This inimitable cobweb of love and lust gets even more complex with the arrival of Zeeshan, a doctor dealing with many unsaid secrets of his own past, who starts developing a soft corner for Kanika. With unexpected twists and turns, the readers would be left to wonder till the last page whom Kanika chooses as her life-partner, especially when the whole scenario is threatened by the presence of her mom, Radhika—a dented TV reporter. Published in 2011 by Grapevine India Publishers, the book is available in paperback. About the Author In pursuit of his dream, Sachin Garg, an engineer and MBA grad ventured forth and wrote his first novel, ‘I'm not Twenty Four: I've Been Nineteen for Five years!’, which became a bestseller and solidified his career. In 2011, he quit his job and co-founded Grapevine India Publishers Pvt. Ltd. with Durjoy Dutta. His other works are A Sunny Shady Life and Never Let Me Go.