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Beyond Common Sense

Beyond Common Sense

by   Dr. Satinder Singh Malik (Author)  
by   Dr. Satinder Singh Malik (Author)   (show less)

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This requires application of conscious mind and intellect to arrive at assessment or solution of a situation. When the mind is calm and dwells deeper in subconscious then there is a super sense that allows higher and deeper perception. This sense is termed as Beyond Common Sense. Perception and knowledge are functions of interpretative mind.

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ISBN 13 9798885750318
Book Language English
Binding Paperback
ASIN bcs-ssm-001
Publishing Year 2022
Total Pages 284
Publishers Garuda Prakashan  
Category Philosophy  
Weight 250.00 g
Dimension 22.00 x 14.00 x 2.00

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1. Perspective of the Cosmic Beginning

2. Nature of Dimensions

3. The Wheel of Time

4. Age of Milky Way

5. Nature of Consciousness

6. Creation of Life

7. The Human Body

8. The Human Mind

9. The Purpose of Human Life

10. Life in the Other Dimension

11. Evolution of Sixth Sense

12. Evolution of Society


Wing Commander Kapil Singh was commissioned in the Indian Air Force as a fighter pilot in 1957.

He participated in the Sino-Indian War of 1962, the Indo-Pakistani War of 1965 and the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971 wars. During the Sino-Indian War of 1962 Kapil Singh was flying a MiG aircraft in the North-East of India also when his aircraft encountered heavy weather. Radio contact with his base was lost, and it disoriented him. At that point of time, Hari Baba appeared in his cockpit and guided him to land his fighter aircraft safely. Hari Baba used to meet him casually earlier. When the aircraft taxied back in dispersal and cockpit opened, two people appeared from a single cockpit. Since the aircraft was overdue Station commanders and Chief Operations Officer Gp Capt Malik were there to receive him. They saw Hari Baba too. After both walked up to them, Hari Baba asked Station Commander, “Do you have a Cigar”? Station Commander used to smoke Cigar, and he handed over the one to him. After that he asked, “Do you have a light”? And Station Commander lit up his Cigar. Hari Baba walked away and then they realized that something unusual has taken place and asked Wing Commander Kapil Singh, “Who is he and where is he gone”? They looked for him, but he had disappeared after a turn. Hari Baba continued to visit him and informed that certain pilot should not fly that day. He was patriotic and tried to help save lives for pilots who were flying for the country.

This event became a turning point in young Kapil’s life and ten years later, at 33, he retired from the Air Force to pursue his spiritual life. Pilot Babaji’s biography is a journey of transformation from being a pilot in the Indian air force to an enlightened master of truth. Pilot Babaji has travelled 1600 miles in seven years through the Himalayas. He has spent most of his Sanyasi life in Himalayas. He has experience and performed all forms of Samadhis. Pilot Baba was also taught by the Great Master Mahatappa. He has lived with Mahavatar Babaji, who is a Chiranjeevi (long life without death). Apart from that, Pilot Babaji has also lived with Ashwatthama (of Mahabharata) and had been face to face with Hanuman Ji. Both of them are also Chiranjeevis. Pilot Baba has lived with mysterious Great Masters who defy high altitudes and live miraculous lives such as Lautaria Baba, Sitaram Baba, Mohandas Baba, Sombari Baba and Parahamsa Avdhut Baba. In communion and under the direction of all the Great and under the direction of All the Great Himalaya legendary saints, he could learn and practice many miracles of these mysterious sacred sciences. There are some in Himalaya places where these sages have lived, are now powerful sacred temples open to the public. Many of their abodes are still secret and mysterious places of miracles. Babaji has been kind enough to bless me for this work. His words are given in the following page.

Life is a mystery. Each step is a new revelation. Only the ones who have their eyes and ears open receive this gift, rest just live by.

My best wishes to Dr Satinder Singh Malik, who in his own way of awareness has understood and reproduced it in the print form, for everyone to feel it and understand it. Being an Air Force officer itself has taken him to the unknown realms of life. Also, being an avid adventure lover, he has taken a keen interest and with displayed very intricate observation of the deeper realms of life.

My wishes to all the readers too who read this book ‘Beyond Common Sense’ authored by Dr SS Malik. It will certainly open up a new thought process for them about life and see life in a different perspective.


“For once you have tasted flight, you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward; for there you have been, and there you long to return.”

What could be more familiar to a pilot other than pleasure of flight? I often contemplated this question, why do pilots love flying. Flight is not everyone’s cup of tea. There are people wh are afraid of heights, so they prefer being on ground. To a keen pilot, flight is an exhilarating experience. Flight provides three dimensional perspective of the physical world. It is a unique perspective. On a flight, apart from watching beautiful sceneries & landscapes, you could watch people of a city running around doing daily chores, oblivious of someone watching them from above and making an opinion about them.

The empowerment and joy came out of the perspective which was converted by sensor of sight in to thought for interpretation of mind. Intellect dwells upon the obvious looking information and extracts, out of ordinary inferences. The joy lies in knowing. The art of knowing from routine information is called common sense. In Sanskrit, common sense is known as ‘Vivek’. It arises from thought when intellect dwells upon the information for a slightly longer period than routine. The intellect will dwell upon such information when it is used to, when the mind is relatively free and not overburdened by sense pursuits.

What lies beyond common sense is the treasure of unmeasured potential. Sixth sense is a sense which connects human cognitive complex to the dimension of consciousness and it is known as Pragyan in Sanskrit. Pragyan is Intuition. The root word for intuition is Latin ‘intueri’ meaning in to you. Intuition has spiritual roots which lie in the dimension of consciousness.

In the forthcoming chapters in this book, a perspective of background environment is provided. Science gives too specific but overall sketchy information about the complete picture whereas Philosophy does a better job on this. Philosophy is also based on logic and reason but there is no need to establish proof in a laboratory and its scope is vast. To complete our lifetimes, we cannot await Science to build up the complete picture and use that to carve a path for our lives.

Some key questions have been answered as to how this universe came in to being? Big Bang theory assumed a primeval atom, and the source of this atom remained unresolved. Astronomers keep getting baffled after detecting matter in universe older than itself. A summary of the applicable dimensions has been proposed along with nature of various dimensions. Time is a substance which flows like a wave. Origin of human life and presence of distinctive racial features has been explored. Aryan invasion theory was also reviewed and origin of Aryan race has been in Kashmir, India. Human body is like an advanced and complex biological machine powered by cognitive complex of Atma. Nature of Atma is explained as a thought complex (set of software programs) riding on dark energy.

Common concepts in evolution of human understanding of life on this planet such as why do we have 12 hours in a day or seven days in a week and concept of Yuga and their importance. Different speeds of time in various ‘Lokas’ have been explained. It is also propounded that time is not affected by gravity as commonly believed in phenomenon of ‘gravitational lensing’.

A unique link between astronomy and astrology has been established by replenishing the information which went missing down the ages. A chapter on how to enhance the sixth sense has been described. It is a practical guide which is simple but not to be followed just by reading it. This knowledge is handed over in Guru-Shishya tradition and not recommended as read and do.

This information compiled in this book is freely available on public domain and except for my theory; my effort was to compile it in a concise and logical manner. Thorough care has been exercised to ensure credits are properly mentioned. Evolved human society has the potential to change the course of life on a planet. The change starts with us and we have to accept the challenge of enhancing our sixth sense or intuition to connect to the dimension of consciousness and achieve Purushartha (the aim of life).