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Dr. Satinder Singh Malik

Dr. Satinder Singh Malik is a form Indian Air Force Wing Commander. He served IAF as a fighter pilot and flew Su-30 MKI aircraft. He is a keen skydiver, river rafter, and mountaineer and has climbed several peaks Mt Stok Kangari, Mt Elbrus, and Mt Kilimanjaro, and traveled as far as Antarctica and Mt Kailash in Tibet. The continuous exposure to risks and nature has been able to intuit new insights into the Author’s mind which are essential to capture the pulse of life.

He has a keen and deep interest in philosophy and yoga, which enabled him to reflect on deep insights provided by his Gurus Pilot Babaji and Mahavatar Babaji. His books include ‘Beyond Common Sense, ‘Pragyan Brahma’, and ‘A Skyful of Love’. He has also published several papers about the cosmos, nature, and consciousness in the Scientific God Journal and Journal of Consciousness Exploration & Research (JCER).