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Bengal: The Unique State

Bengal: The Unique State


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ISBN 13 9788180691492
Book Language English
Binding Hardcover
Total Pages 112
Release Year 2005
Author J.N. Nanda
Publishers Concept Publishing Company Pvt. Ltd.  
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Weight 150.00 g

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About the Book : This book critically analyses the various historical events which led to Bengal political, cultural and religious developments over the centuries. Going deep into the renaissance that first dawned in Bengal, it discusses in detail its arts and crafts, literature, trade and industry, religious harmony and adventurous spirit. Further highlighting the nationalist activities of Bengal, the book also takes note of contributions made by Bengali intellectuals in the fields of art, literature, education, political awareness and social reforms. About Author : J.N. Nanda besides being an Eminent Scientist with two earned doctorates in Physics and Applied Physics respectively has also been active in the social and cultural sphere. He was the first scientist in India to begin research work in oceanography and underwater sound. He prefers the advance of co-existence rather than aiming at unity in diversity. Understanding the complexity of human mind, he advocates a new Mahayana of co-existence and earnest efforts to square beliefs with advances in science and technology. He has numerous papers and books to his name. He has travelled extensively and led some government delegations abroad.