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BBC’s True Lies

BBC’s True Lies

by   Binay Kumar Singh (Author),   Prashant Pandey (Author)  
by   Binay Kumar Singh (Author),   Prashant Pandey (Author)   (show less)
4.8 Ratings & 9 Reviews
Sold By:   Garuda Prakashan

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"True Lies" exposes undisclosed aspects of the BBC, challenging its status as the ultimate purveyor of authentic information. The book sheds light on the intricately crafted facade of the BBC's 'independence and impartiality' on a global stage, revealing its historical and modern ties to British security and intelligence. Despite public funding through mandatory licenses and state grants, the BBC avoids being labeled 'state-controlled media.' The narrative unravels a common thread in BBC reporting that exacerbates fault lines in the developing world. A global examination of the BBC's role, this critical analysis empowers readers to approach media outlets with discernment, fostering a more thoughtful interaction with potentially biased information. Featuring insights from figures like Margaret Thatcher and Hamid Dabashi, the book invites readers worldwide to question and engage with matters of global importance.

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ISBN 13 9798885751520
Book Language English
Binding Paperback
Publishing Year 2024
Total Pages 268
Edition First
Release Year 2024
Publishers Garuda Prakashan  
Category Non-Fiction   Politics   Social Sciences   Communications & Journalism   Media Vimarsh   Holi Offer  
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Dimension 14.00 x 22.00 x 2.80

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4.8 Star

4.8 Ratings & 9 Reviews
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Fantastic writing. The country needs more books like this which exposes the truth behind certain mainstream narratives. Truly a great book. Highly recommended.
Review by - Raj Malhotra, February 09, 2024

Fantastic writing

This book is a fantastic writing by Mr Binay kumar Singh and Prashant Pandey . True lies exposes undisclosed aspects of the BBC challenging its status as the ultimate purveyor of authentic information .
Review by - piyush sharma, February 09, 2024


Superb topic
Review by - Anish Gagan, February 12, 2024


BBC is famous for it's lies. About time that they got exposed. Kudos to the authors and team!
Review by - Seshadri, February 13, 2024

BBC's True Lies

5 star
Review by - Naresh Kumar, February 13, 2024

Well-Written Book

Nice book on a relevant topic
Review by - Megha, February 13, 2024

Superb Read

Very good book. More people shd realize the truth about manipulative media like BBC. Hope the authors write more books about deception in other media outlets as well. Great topic and good writing.
Review by - Rakesh , February 17, 2024

Fantastic Book

This  is a fantastic book from Mr. Prashant Pandey . This book exposes the BBC about the public myth that BBC reports genuine and facts. An eye opener where you come to know how manupulative and fake BBC is. I highly recommend this book.
Review by - Abhishek Pratap Singh, February 17, 2024

BBC's True Lies

Kudos to the authors and the team for co-ordinating brilliantly to create such a superb book. The BBC's hypocrisy and double standards have always been apparent to viewers, and now in this book it has been completely exposed for all to see! We definitely need more books such as this, to even out the narratives. Must-Read!
Review by - Anushka, February 29, 2024
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BBC’s True Lies unveils heretofore undisclosed facets and facts about the BBC, prompting us to scrutinise its claim as the ultimate arbiter of authentic information. The book brings to light the cleverly crafted image of BBC’s ‘independence and impartiality’ with a global audience, while subtly becoming a part of the British security and intelligence system, both historically and in modern times, aligning with establishment interests.

The book points out how the BBC, while funded by the people through mandatory licence, state support in forms of grants etc, still manages to avoid the label of ‘state-controlled media’. There also seems to be a common thread in the BBC's reporting which tends to aggravate the faultlines in the developing and under-developed world. This critical look at the BBC is meant for readers all around the world as it deals with matters of global importance. The book aims to empower readers to approach global media outlets with discernment, encouraging a more thoughtful and informed interaction with the information provided by such influential but potentially biased sources.

“I have fought three elections against the BBC and don’t want to fight another against it.”
—Margaret Thatcher
Former UK Prime Minister

“Long before ‘fake news’ had a name, the BBC was a master of fake news, in fact fake news of the most dangerous, the most vicious consequences, casting nations, not just individuals, into direct calamities.”
—Hamid Dabashi
Renowned Author, Professor & Expert on Iranian Studies