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Annie Besant's Rise to Power in Indian Politics 1914-1917

Annie Besant's Rise to Power in Indian Politics 1914-1917


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ISBN 13 9788170221579
Book Language English
Binding Hardcover
Total Pages 182
Release Year 1981
Author Raj Kumar
Publishers Concept Publishing Company Pvt. Ltd.  
Category History   Political Science  
Weight 210.00 g

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About the Book : After 1914 the political situation in India changed from that of mere petition and protest to a more vigorous plan of action. Indian aspirations were crystallised into a definite scheme of self of self-government. This study attempts to analyse the nature and character of Annie Besants political leadership during this crucial period of Indian history. This work is as much a contribution to intellectual history as to the political history of the times and the significance of Annie Besants ideas in Indian politics has been studied in the context of the social, economic and cultural backgrounds. In this exploratory quest of understanding her political behaviour the tools of analysis such as social, economic and psychological motivations have been used to unravel the complexities of her role and the political situation in India during 1914-1917. Students of modern Indian history and political science should find this extremely useful both because of the focus of the study and its interpretation. About Author : Raj Kumar Ph. D. (b. 1939) entered the Haryana Education Service at the beginning of his career after completing a ten-year stint with Naval Aviation. In 1972, he took up a short term assignment with the Ministry of Education in a project entitled Role of the Central Legislature in the Freedom Struggle of India. Since January 1973 he has been working as Research Officer in the Indian Council of Historical Research, New Delhi. He has presented a series of research papers at various and international seminars and has travelled extensively both in India and abroad.