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“If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it”Toni Morrison

And here’s a chance for all the ones who aspire to tell what has been untold so far!! With a never-so-hassle-free framework, Garuda Prakashan is committed to cater to the needs of each and every progressing writer.

  1. We at Garuda understand that every piece of literature is unique in its own way. Every genre of literature, let it be fiction, comedy, drama, horror, non-fiction, realistic, romantic, satire, tragedy, tragicomedy, fantasy, mythology, etc has its own appeal and thus are warmly welcome.
  2. Endeavoring to ensure that each and every author gets a platform for expression, our aim is to make our books accessible to every voracious reader. Our innovative marketing and distribution solutions will put our authors a step-ahead by creating visibility for their work. With a commitment to revolutionize the Indian publishing industry with our tech-driven solutions, we will seek to fulfill each and every eccentric industrial need of our writers.
  3. ‘Garuda Prakashan’ will be one of its kind publishing venture maintaining a policy of ‘No Bias’ amongst the different works and authors, because the only judge (if the judge at all) of the quality of work is the reader solely. Thus, while you play the role of the ‘story-teller’, Garuda remains a ‘transparent mediator’ amongst the readers and you.

Conclusively, with the objective of excellence in publishing, Garuda Prakashan would aspire to slacken the ideological stronghold of the so-called ‘Standard Works’ and help the readers appreciate each work for its own idiosyncratic elements.