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World's Greatest short Stories

World's Greatest short Stories


Short Descriptions

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ISBN 13 9789381841983
Book Language English
Binding Paperback
Total Pages 568
Release Year 2017
Publisher Grapevine India Publishers
Author unknown
Category Mystery & Thriller   Classic Fiction  
Weight 608.00 g
Dimension 12.70 x 20.32 x 3.23

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Short stories remain the most interesting form of story telling over the centuries. Many of the greatest writers to have lived, started with short stories, before embarking on the journey of writing something longer. This book is an attempt to handpick the greatest works in short story writing over the years, including some of the most recognizable names in the field of literature. Stories from all slices of life, which will make you laugh, cry, smile or sulk. Including writers like Rudyard Kipling, James Joyce, Rabindranath Tagore, Saki, Anton Chekhov, Oscar Wilde, H.G. Wells, Jack Landon, Mark Twain, Dickens, D.H. Lawrence, Leo Tolstoy, Arthur Conan Doyle, Thomas Hardy, O. Henry, Victor Hugo, Somerset among many others.