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The Goa Inquisition

 by    Anant Kakba Priolkar   

THE GOA INQUISITION was established in 1560 and finally abolished in 1812, Read more below in the Description...

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THE GOA INQUISITION was established in 1560 and finally abolished in 1812. Although its headquarters were at Goa, its jurisdiction extended to entire Portuguese possessions to the East of the Cape of Good Hope, and it had its Commissaries in other major centers. It was started originally to punish Christian converts from Judaism, but next, it turned its attention to native converts to Christianity from other faiths, almost all of whom had been converted by the threat of force or material rewards.

THIS BOOK presents a dispassionate and objective account of the various aspects of the activities of the Inquisition at Goa, against the wider background of the religious policy of the Portuguese in the East. It is mainly based on contemporary material, such as documents in the official archives, correspondence of the Jesuit missionaries and information given by European travelers. In the end, he has reprinted an account given by Dr. Dellon of his experiences as a prisoner for about three years.

Author :  Anant Kakba Priolkar   
Publisher :  Rajhauns Vitaran   
Binding : Paperback
Publishing Year : 2008
Edition : 2nd
Language : English
ISBN-13 : 978-8178106946

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