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The concept of Hindu Nation

The concept of Hindu Nation

by   Abhas Chatterjee (Author)  
by   Abhas Chatterjee (Author)   (show less)
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The concept of Hindu nation

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ISBN 13 9788185990330
Book Language English
Binding Paperback
Edition 1st
Publishers Voice of India  
Category Voice of India Books  
Weight 150.00 g
Dimension 14.00 x 2.00 x 22.00

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Chatterjee starts by clearing some prevalent misconceptions, namely, that the word "Hindu" is a geographical concept, that our national identity is "Bharatiya", that people who have been converted to alien and inimical ideologies are" nationals, that India's culture is "composite", and that we are" a nation in the making". What the Hindus need most at present is an intellectual and cultural awakening.