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The Argumentative Hindu

 by    Koenraad Elst   

The Argumentative Hindu


Argumentative Hindu: Essays by a Non-Affiliated Orientalist The Argumentative Hindu is the person who rejects the imposed "secularist" consensus. The author, Dr. Koenraad Elst, is anon-affiliated Orientalist who sympathizes with this Hindudissenter. But he also made himself some enemies, not only among the secularists but also among the very Hindus whose cause he champions. In this book, he defends himself against their criticism and, more importantly, the late mentors from whom he got his view of Hinduism and of the challenges to its survival: Ram Swarup and Sita Ram Goel. He also makes some new suggestions to his Hindu friends, on how to be more effective and how to remedy existing errors. Today, illiteracy about Hinduism among Hindus, the limitation of their knowledge to a very small part of their heritage, is the most consequential weakness in the struggle for survival. Stuntedideological development and an anachronistic worldview are serious obstacles to be tackled if ever a genuine reaffirmation of Hindu civilization is to win through. This book is a collection of papers written in the last few years, to wake up the Hindus to their mistakes as well as to their potential.

Author :  Koenraad Elst   
Publisher :  Aditya Prakashan   
Binding : Hardcover
ISBN-13 : 978-8177421248
Language : English
Edition : First
Release Year : 2020

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