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Science of Enlightenment: Enlightenment, Liberation and God: A Scientific Explanation (Hardcover)

Science of Enlightenment: Enlightenment, Liberation and God: A Scientific Explanation (Hardcover)

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This work demystifies the entire subject of spirituality and the phenomena of Enlightenment and Liberation by demonstrating how they have a scientific basis and are definable in scientific/psychological terms.

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ISBN 13 9788124601303
Book Language English
Binding Hardcover
Total Pages 320
Edition 3rd
Release Year 2009
Publisher D.K. Printworld Pvt. Ltd.
Author Nitin Madhukar Trasi
Category Philosophy   Ever Green Shelf Life  
Weight 650.00 g
Dimension 14.00 x 22.00 x 1.80

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What is the precise nature of Reality or God? And what exactly, in scientific terms, is the much-talked about spiritual phenomenon called Enlightenment? Is it at all scientifically possible for a state devoid of ego to exist? And can a person do his normal duties in life in such a state? This book answers these and kindred questions convincingly: in a way that should appeal to a scientist, a spiritualist and a lay person alike. Uncommonly combining in him the rationality of a medical scientist and the profundity of his religio-philosophical studies, the author demonstrates how the spiritual phenomena of Enlightenment and Liberation do have an eminently satisfactory scientific explanation — an explanation which he also reconciles with conventional spiritual teachings. Finally, flitting adroitly from Advaita to Tao, Zen to Sufism, Buddhism to Christianity, Dr. Trasi shows how the teachings of different faiths aren’t different in essence, but just constitute intricate parts of the one and the same grand, big picture. With deep insight, forceful logic and supporting references, Dr. Trasi’s book not only dispels many of the myths, mis-conceptions and distortions woven around Enlightenment, the Liberated State, the Soul and Death, but explores the rationale behind wide-ranging traditional beliefs as well. Also set out is a scientific explanation of diverse spiritual terms. Nor is the practical aspect neglected here — including, as it does, a scientifically-backed guide to offset the oft-recurring doubts and questions that nag the average spiritual enthusiast. Written lucidly, the book is bound to interest scientists, sceptics, and anyone else even remotely concerned with spirituality.