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Saffron Swords & The Sarasvati Civilisation [Pack of 2]

by   Maj. Gen. G D Bakshi (Author),   Manoshi Sinha Rawal (Author)  
by   Maj. Gen. G D Bakshi (Author),   Manoshi Sinha Rawal (Author)   (show less)
Sold By:   Garuda Prakashan

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Book your order for Manoshi Sinha Rawal’s “Saffron Swords” and Gen GD Bakshi’s “The Sarasvati Civilisation”.

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ISBN 13 978-1942426103, 978-1942426141
Book Language English
Binding Paperback
Edition 1st
Publishers Garuda Prakashan  
Category History of Ancient India   Pack of 2 Books  

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Saffron Swords: How much do we know about the valorous saga of our ancestors from the east to west, north to south of Bharat? Unfortunately very little! Were we always defeated? It is a BIG No! But we have been projected as losers! During the last 1300 years, our ancestors across the country put up a brave resistance against invaders, first against Islamic invasion and rule and later the British. Hundreds and thousands of our warriors won battles and many fought until their last breath defending the motherland.

The Sarasvati Civilisation: Who were the Harappans? How are they related to present-day Indians? Was there never an “Aryan Invasion”? The Sarasvati Civilization: A New Paradigm in Ancient Indian History brings together evidence from satellite imagery, geology, hydrodynamics, archaeology, epigraphy, textual hermeneutics, and DNA research to place together ancient Indian history in the light of new discoveries and facts which were simply not available to colonial historians of the 19th century and have been overlooked thereafter.