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Sindhu Saraswati Sanskriti

Slavic Eurasians steppe nomads plus Irano-Dravidian Neolithic farmers plus indigenous dwellers of India make up the Vedic society. I've researched this topic for years. The mushroom imagery checks out in slavic paganism. However the imagery of snake hood should not be ignored. Ahichhatri, India is known as land of Nagas, read the book by j p h Vogel. Shiva is Somnath or Mahadev or moon deity in one aspect, originally Mecca was a centre of his cult where he was known as Sin. Harrrappans also had ties to Mesopotamia and Sumeria in particular. Excessive flow of Soma creates madness in mere mortals, hence the word lunacy derived from Luna the Roman goddess of the moon. He is also connected to the divine hunter Orion also known as Rudra according to David Frawley I've also read the Quantum Book of Soma. Modern genetics proves this mixed ancestry of Indians.
Review by - March 02, 2022

The Sarasvati Civilization

Must-Read Book
Review by - February 16, 2024