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Only love heals

Very few don’t follow the crowd! These herd challenge and change the course of destiny. Sanjay Kumar is the unsung hero guided by the Grace of Gurudev!
Review by - November 19, 2022


When I picked up this book, I did not expect much. I thought it would be just another plain story of victories and attempts to bring peace to society. But when I started reading it, just about 20 pages into it and I was blown away! Sanjay ji's life and Gurudev Sri Sri ji's active initiations and participation in bringing peace is filled with numerous efforts, attempts and novel ideas. I just wonder how many more Sanjays are needed in the world today! The book redefined my understanding of serving the society. The writing is phenomenal, not a sentence that is misplaced. Fast-paced, engrossing, thrilling, and a rich read. I strongly recommend this book to those who are seeking proof of the existence of good people in the world today! Excellent, gripping, moving read!
Review by - February 15, 2023

Amazing book

Unbelievable how a man can go beyond all his limits and bring hope to a place like Kashmir stuck with terrorism for decades. This is treating the problem in totality. Stupendous courage and strength.
Review by - August 27, 2023

Must read

It was an inspirational stories of transformation. How spiritual practises can impact people of all sratas and bring them together to walk on the path of peace progress and harmony!
Review by - February 08, 2024