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52 tales of Valour

Collection of 52 personalities who did ultimate sacrifice for their Nation since 7th Century CE Nagbhat Gurjar to Freedom fighters of 20th century CE
Review by - July 30, 2021

Saffron Swords

This book is a collection of biographies of 52 Heroes of our nation , many of them fairly sung of [#BhagatSingh , #VeerSavarkar ] and most of them Unsung . What is common in all the biographies is that they all had a very big impact on the history of our country. The sad truth is our History textbooks barely mention anything about them , if at all ! The co-author of the book and the author's husband , Yogendra Singh Rawal asks the author Was it always the case in history that we lost all the times on the battlefield ? The author researched everything beyond the NCERT Textbooks to write this book and answer her husbands question. Our textbooks often talk about the men . Except for #RaniLaxmibai (Who also has her fairshare of space in this book ) and a few others , thier are no references to any women . This book does them justice , out of the total 52 chapters , around 20 of them are about women. The book also has a bibliography , having almost all the sources about the facts and tales mentioned in the book unlike many , which just consist of conspiracy theories , with no facts and Data to back them. The War scenes are really very well descriped by the author , its as if i was present on the battlefield, witnessing the war myself. Especially the chapter on the Battle of Haldighati , that is really amazingly written. The biographies of Saraswati Rajamani and Suhaldev inspired me the most . Will definetely read detailed and dedicated books about them. The book is really well written barring a few gramatical mistakes , that the common reader won't even notice . Will reccomend this to every one, especially History Buffs. Follow @keetabi_keeda on Instagram for more such reviews.
Review by - July 31, 2021


Saffron Swords left me with mixed feelings, on one hand I was awed reading about the resistance by our ancestors against the invading hordes & imperialists, but on the other hand I was left perplexed that why were ( and are to this day ) these heroic incidents of resistance missing from mainstream social sciences syllabus and academic discourse. Who is behind this cover up & what purpose does censoring & distorting of our History benefits them? The education curriculum has been miserably trying to glorify invaders for generations, completely censoring the atrocities committed by the invaders & resistance of the Indian people, this is appalling & injustice on our citizens. I recommend Saffron Swords to my friends, and especially my students as the book answers many queries about missing chapters of our History of resistance against the invaders, we did fight back, the book is a testimony of our heroic resistance. My heartfelt thanks & best wishes to the author mam Manoshi Sinha for the book & also Garuda Publications for publishing & encouraging nationalist view point which is otherwise unknown to many of us searching for answers.
Review by - August 02, 2021

Saffron Swords

Very Good
Review by - November 07, 2021

Books like this one has been a long need for the society

It is a series of stories on 52 unsung Hindu heroes and resistance from the length and breadth of India to Islamic & British invaders. The name of the book absolutely justifies its contents. The author presents the heroic deeds in a summarized way with only as much background as is needed by a common reader. She doesn’t overplay or underplay any character in the book. And narrates history as it happened. This is not an encyclopedia of each and every hero/heroine mentioned. For that one would need to read specific books; that’s something only academicians would do and not general citizens. Reading this book - even though it’s a summary - would make us feel very proud of our ancestors. And we get to understand why all these chapters have been tactfully withheld from us for so long. This book could be very attractive and interesting for our teenagers and youth for a quick knowledge 👍🏼. The second part of this book covering some more heroes from the country is still awaited.
Review by - November 23, 2021

Must read

Real history
Review by - March 18, 2022

Eye opener book

This book is an eye opener for the Indians who believe that we were not United, we were covered, we never retaliated and leftist historians have tried to hide all the true stories of our warriors
Review by - June 04, 2022