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Great mix of history and fiction

This book will keep you engaged and the characters will come alive. Author has a great talent of combining history and fiction perfectly. His imagination is beyond imagination. The thing I like about his book is reader does not need to know the complete history of ancient India to understand it. Author has put his imagination into historical facts to create an interesting storyline. This is not a re-telling of a history, but he has twisted characters to suit his plot.
Review by - October 26, 2022

Powerful writing backed up with intense reaserch

Powerful writing backed up with intense reaserch. His attempt to rewrite Bharat's history is commendable. Loved the way Roopesh has filled the gaps available through inspired fiction without disturbing the authentically sourced facts. Warriors like Purshottam (porus) need prominent place in history and this book does the work for him. I am not a person who loves reading historical fiction but once i picked up this book i couldn't just put it down..The story, the plot, printing font everything is choosen wisely to ease out the long read.. We need more such books to bring back our glorious history to surface and to the world, to read it and cherish it the way it always deserved to be. A line that's gonna remain with me forever is " the real betrayal is forgetting who you are"
Review by - November 14, 2022


A page turner, intrigued to know what happens as the plot unfolds. A great historical fiction
Review by - November 15, 2022