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Must read

Must read book. Recommending to all.
Review by - July 26, 2021

Truth, A new Chapter

A book which is unapologetic and brings out the real truth behind the Delhi Riots Or I should say Urban Warfare. No matter how much the Congress-Leftist-Radical Islamist try to ensure the book doesn't reach the public, rest assured it will. The book exposes the truth of Jihadi conspiracy backed by Leftists & Tukde gang. Shame on those who blamed Hindus for the well planned terr0r conspiracy by anti nationals (Urban Naxals - Radical Jihandi) & AAP (Yes I am saying AAP, As IITan Arvind Kejriwal was busy in his political stunts and avoided any comment on Shaheen bagh, his MLA were there in the protest giving their hate speeches). The authors have done a marvelous job in analyzing the architecture, the design and the execution of the series of episodes which started with protests on university campuses and ended ( at least for now ) with the Delhi Riots. The architects of this massive heinous series of events are both from the country and outside. The authors gathered enough ground reports and pointed out how high rises in NE Delhi were prepared with catapults and trained snipers to shoot targets and destroy properties. The execution of the finale eerily shrieks of the style of the unspeakable ISIS and the happenings in Syria and in other parts of Middle East. The Murder of IB Constable Ankit Sharma, Delhi Police has arrested one of the culprits Named “Salman” reports says that Muslim boys had covered Ankit’s body with a black cloth and they pulled him to AAP councillor Tahir Hussain’s house. This was the same house from where all the paraphernalia of rioting has been recovered, This was the same house, from whose rooftop petrol bomb were launched. There were 10 to 14 en involved in lynching and killing of Ankit Sharma, Salman himself has confessed to stabbing Ankit at least 14 time. The incident has raised many unanswered questions. How did the Muslim rioters come to know that Ankit was an IB official? It isn't usual for a civilian to know the identity of an intelligence official in an area. Then how was it that Ankit's killers found out? Were they helped by some outside agency? Why was such an inhuman and gory way of killing chosen? Was he murdered at Tahir Hussain's house? Was Tahir himself involved in the brutal murder? Above all, has such news stopped affecting the society we live in? If the government and the people of this country do not open eyes now and learn, even God won’t help us in future.
Review by - July 30, 2021


Very nice
Review by - January 29, 2022