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This book is simply amazing. So nicely it explains about working of microorganisms like bacteria and their continuous mutation according to changes in the environment to restore the health of plants and planet. The book also nicely explains about the working of plants to absorb pollutants and their close coordination n communication with different types of bacteria towards that goal. The author takes us to the Chulakya period, around the 5th century AD, where so many sustainable systems like water conservation, waste water treatment, formation n detoxification of sludge by using bacteria and medicinal plants were being practiced. The book also explains how the greed of human beings towards material things at the cost planet health is being compromised. Overall sustainability is nicely explained which is applicable today the most. The best part of the book is that, it is in story form and a rare combination of facts with fiction which makes one understand easily. Vhatte Ex CEO - Esl Steel (A Vedanta group Co)
Review by - November 15, 2023