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Review for AMARUby Shobana Ravi

[17/03, 1:45 pm] Seetha Sundararajan: AMARU a beautiful Novel by Shobana Ravi throws extensive light on Sri.Adi Sankara'sWill to learn the art of Love&Wordly pleasures,through transmigrationof his soul into the body of Vajraditya,the lesser known king of Kashmir,belonging to the Karakota Dynasty.This step is in consequence of his defeat in debate against the Mimamsakaraka erudite scholar couple,Mandana Mishra&Ubhaya Bharathi.The entire sequence of Sri.Adi Sankarar'ssmooth travel as Vajraditya till his success ,when Ubhaya Bharathi&Mandana Mishra accept defeat ,finally Sri Adi Sankarar ascending the Sharada Peetam forms the crux of the beautiful story line,full of suspense& thrill . [17/03, 4:20 pm] Seetha Sundararajan: The characterisation of Amrutavalli and Vajraditya add colour to the storyline.All the characters,some of them factual& some fictional go hand in hand in complimenting each other.The Nalanda University, which introduces some characters is very well portrayed to add spice to the story.On the wholeAdi Sankarar's soul transmigrating by yogic power and successfully getting back to rejuvenate his body to it's TRUE form as Adi Sankarar,the ascetic, is sure to win million hearts in admiration.
Review by - March 24, 2023