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Excellent Sanjayji and very authentic

Attended the The Jaipur Dialogues Annual SSanjayji ummit 2023. Galaxy of pure thinkers and desha Bhakths attended who are also top class intellectuals and great human beings.
Review by - November 10, 2023

Stunning & Insightful.

This is a brilliantly written book by Mr. Sanjay Dixit, who has once again showcased his brilliant analytical and scientific thinking. In an era where conformity to anything and everything is the standard approach, Mr. Dixit has risen above the crowd with yet another masterpiece, where he systematically presents cold, hard facts.
Review by - February 02, 2024

Really Good

Very good book
Review by - February 06, 2024


Great book. Great analysis.
Review by - February 09, 2024

Great book by Sanjay sir

This book is full of valid facts and logical reasoning. Lot of effort and research has been put into this book clearly by the author. This can be seen in the clarity of the book. We need more book like this one.
Review by - February 12, 2024


This book is now listed as a bestseller on Amazon! One of the top books of this year. Brilliant book from a brilliant author.
Review by - February 12, 2024

Good read!

Very nice book. Recommended
Review by - February 17, 2024

All Religions Are Not The Same

This book is of a very high quality. It is still on the #Amazon bestseller list many weeks after it's release. Superb book
Review by - February 22, 2024

5 Stars

Fantastic writing from Sanjay Dixit sir. His analysis and thoughts on the subject are very well informed and to the point.
Review by - February 22, 2024

Revealing & Informative

This is a very important book in the current Indian and World climate, where too many opinions and narratives are being propagated without any credible substance. This book, on the other hand is written entirely from a factual point of view and offers a systematic and rational exploration, which is what is required today. Kudos to Sanjay sir and team for writing and publishing such a brilliant and far-sighted book.
Review by - February 26, 2024